January 21, 2021

Concert of Zahara in Madrid: uncovered blood

Concert of Zahara in Madrid: uncovered blood

The blood with which Zahara He writes his songs has tarnished his guitar. Also the letters in which you express each feeling. And the reasons he prescribes with his delicate and overwhelming voice. The blood with which Zahara climbs onto a stage, holsters her overalls and appears before the public soaks up what she finds in her path. It induces a peculiar atmosphere, it stains everything. Liquid and visceral. Caked and rough. His healthy sense of alertness is what has always allowed his fans to follow him on track and, even more, feel a certain addiction. Because this singer-songwriter not only empties herself when she sings, but also when she's silent. And that in a concert, like the one that opened his tour in The Riviera (Madrid), is a waste that is not available to anyone. Its 'Astronaut'(GOZZ Records, 2018) has just been born from its entrails, but everything seems to indicate that in its genes this present was already written: that of naivete, that of rawness.

All his repertoire is a machete launched to hurt: from the 'David Duchovny'With which he fibrillated the muscles until the' Attached picture of the café verbena 'with which he sliced ​​the appearances. Possibly, have in his throat one of the best voices of our scene, but also one of the few that crosses with that firmness that characterizes him. Last night, he eluded any obviousness that existed around his career: he chose the best pop ('Thawing'), He shook it hard ('White flag') And injected him at once ('Freefall') In the ears of those present. Of course, without great fanfare or extravagance: she arrived, opened the gap and removed any doubt. The suture, almost two hours later, was barely noticeable. But do not let that deceive you: the kindness with which he plays his melodies becomes raw when he sings his lyrics. 'With the desire' is the best example. With it, Zahara burns, it stings. For a long time, his song stopped being one more to configure a particular universe.

In fact, there is his greatest achievement: convert the everyday into poetry. No matter the verse or the note, at any time the sensitivity can be imposed. Once you find your nook, you only have to close your eyes. Then, everything will begin to make sense and what for some is spilled blood, for others it will be disarmed ballast. Such is the case of political satire 'Today the beast dines at home', A dart in which it combines new records and in which the taste for sidereality stands out. It is true that the touch of Matthew Twaites (Prince Vaseline, Mystery Jets) in production, but we must not lose sight of the fact that Zahara's career has always been marked by her constant innovation, by her tireless struggle and by her conscientious details. Well, regardless of the energy that overflows in each of its themes, there is always a residue orbiting in the memory that converts each sound into a coveted memory.


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