May 16, 2021

Concerns about the alarming and controversial bullfighting of San Isidro | Blog The bull, by the horns

Concerns about the alarming and controversial bullfighting of San Isidro | Blog The bull, by the horns

Simón Casas, the businessman from Las Ventas, deserves a glowing compliment. He is the only bullfighting man who, in the most difficult circumstances of the bullfight, has been able to propose an innovative, modern and different initiative. The draw by means of a hype of the posters of the last Autumn Fair was quite a pleasant surprise and, apparently, with positive and beneficial consequences for the party and the company.

The French manager promised that there would be a hype in San Isidro and he has kept his word, but in his own way or according to the circumstances of the sector. There will be a hype, but in light version, as a way to disturb as little as possible: ten runs for ten bullfighters and the obligation to complete those posters with the names that are signed up for the draw.

Simón Casas deserves, also, a serious corrective. The isidril initiative has been unsuccessful, incomplete and disappointing.

In spite of everything, in the balance of flattery and reprobation the former weighs more because it should not be easy to innovate in a world as opaque, closed, immobile, conservative and rancid as bullfighting.

It should not be easy to innovate in a world as opaque and stale as bullfighting

Thus, the hype for the longest and most important fair in the world offers a favorable ground for analysis, questions, concerns, curiosities …

Why this proposal capitidisminuida and not another more ambitious one that supposes a total rupture with the past and opens a new scenario to the bullfighting of the XXI century?

It will undoubtedly be the force of the system, the pressure and the threat of the figures, which are the ones that rule; will be the logical fear that a radical change will turn against its promoter … It will be what it is, but the truth is that Simón Casas has had the opportunity to go down in history as the great revolutionary of modern bullfighting and is going to stay in a Simple aspirant with good ideas.

Diego Urdiales, winner of the Autumn Fair 2018.
Diego Urdiales, winner of the Autumn Fair 2018.

It is impossible, argue some fellow journalists, raise a hype for the entire fair of San Isidro. Why? Because the figures, they say, are at the top due to their merits and demand just counter-benefits in cache, bulls, partners, dates, and hours.

That could be admitted if the party lived moments of glory, the figures were compromised and hung the poster every night of 'no tickets'. But it's not like that. On the contrary, they are protagonists of a very watched and boring movie; The bullfighting spectacle is dying and requires the care of a revulsive to restore his life. If the conditions of the figures are accepted, everything will remain the same and the party will soon disappear.

It is more: San Isidro neither worries nor is interested in case of disagreement. As the current bullfighting business is set up, the figures could make their season without going through Madrid; but it is logical that the employer worries. You can not set up a fair with second-level bullfighters.

The draw would not make sense if the figures show commitment to the party

Maybe, that's why, who knows, the hype is not what any fan could dream.

Casas has chosen ten farms: Jandilla / Vegahermosa, Garcigrande / Domingo Hernández, Puerto de San Lorenzo / Ventana del Puerto, Juan Pedro Domecq, Alcurrucén (two afternoons), Montalvo, Fuente Ymbro, Parladé and Adolfo Martín.

Why only ten of the expected 27 bullfights at the San Isidro fair? And why are these ten and not others? Why only ten bullfighters per draw and the rest to finger? Has the entrepreneur taken both decisions for himself or are they the result of previous conversations with the 'system'?

At dusk last Friday, when these lines were written, only five bullfighters, all of them belonging to the consideration of figures, had signed up for the draw, according to the company: Ureña, Urdiales, Ginés Marín, Castella and Ponce. (By the way, Diego Urdiales said on November 8 at the El Toro Association in Madrid that he had already hired his participation in the San Isidro fair and the bulls were chosen, and that no one had told him about the hype, did he lie or cheat him? )

Inexplicable matter at first glance is that the cast of the figures did not block the next minute Casas phone, because the chosen cattle irons are among their favorites at all fairs. What will they want? What bad pasta are these bullfighters made of?

Another question: how is it possible, moreover, that the whole ladder has not come to the call, especially the many candidates with merits to have a gap with certain guarantees at the fair? A bit strange it seems that since Saturday February 9, when the news was made public, until Friday 15, only five men took a step forward. Or is it that, for some strange reason, the company has hidden the names of those who dream of a poster of glory in San Isidro?

On the other hand, Fran Pérez, co-director of, pointed out in Twiter, that there should be another draw with ten other farms: Victorino Martín, Valdellán, Dolores Aguirre, Saltillo, Baltasar Ibán, José Escolar, Cuadri, Pallarés, La Quinta and Torrestrella

Well, it's not a bad idea.

And another fan indicated that this would be the moment for Roca Rey to punch the table and ask the businessman to kill Baltasar Ibán and Escolar's bullfights, for example. The truth is that it would be the unequivocal sign that the Peruvian bullfighter wants to command modern bullfighting.

But, in view of the events, it will not be like that.

In short, hype for San Isidro; light, but novel. An entrepreneur who wants to be a revolutionary, but who does not dare or do not allow it. A sick party in menacing shifting sands, and a hobby, increasingly dejected and desperate before the selfishness and disinterest of bullfighting.

San Isidro will speak in May. The box office, it means …


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