Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

Concern for mining data

The calculations of digital security experts figure in two billion euros the approximate cost of high profile cyber attacks in 2019. From the company
Cerebus Forensics
the analyst
Pat Pather
He states that the interconnection of smart devices in industry 4.0 triggers this danger, since the entry points left at the mercy of criminals and pirates are still as abundant as they are evident.

Many of the scams and information thefts are perpetrated through attacks on the internet of things

In this way, the expert intends to put in context the barrage of scams and data theft that institutions and companies of all fields and sizes are suffering. Many of these violations have been perpetrated through the systems of the internet of things. In Pather’s opinion, opportunities prevail over threats in this area, but it is clear, he adds, that organizations “must fully understand what it means to adopt these technologies.”


The analyst
Chantelle Kotze
stood out in the summer 2019 number of the
Mining Review Africa
that mining is one of the activities that should be reinforced in this regard: for the equipment used in the field, for the devices used to send and receive information, etc. Access without authorization can cause extensive damage, so the defense should be “in real time.” In the natural resources business, advances in the sources of geoscientific data and the study of this material to get the most out of it with the least expense has meant a revolution.

The states are trying to cover security fissures with new regulations such as the EU GDPR

To cover the fissures that persist in sectors like this, the official agencies are redoubling their normative efforts: of the General data protection regulation of the European Union to South African personal information protection law, from where Pat Pather works. Another critical point affects the behavior of those agents that handle sensitive content: suppliers of products and services, employees and collaborators, customers and regulators.


If this data is confidential and are not administered with the convenient discretion, an industry as relevant as the one based on the exploitation or extraction of the minerals accumulated in the soil or the subsoil in the form of deposits can become a major risk. Throughout history, one of the main concerns for mining has been staff security, an extreme that has achieved a fundamental consideration in the legislation, especially after the serious accidents occurred in the twentieth century.

Mining accidents have been reduced thanks to new construction techniques and the use of safety features

Although the landslide still represents half of the deaths Registered in this task, the claims have been reduced thanks to the new construction techniques and the mandatory use of safeguard elements. However, the technological dimension has introduced another restlessness. The data mining —Or exploitation of data— is the field of statistics and computer science dedicated to discover patterns in large volumes of information. Now, specialists are also focusing on mining data.


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