May 11, 2021

Concern about the disappearance of a Big Brother participant that nothing is known about – La Provincia

Alba Carrillo is still missing after having participated in GH VIP 7. Despite having been the second finalist of the program – since the official winner of the edition was Adara -, she considers that morally she is the winner.Now, she enjoys her boyfriend Santi Burgoa, who has waited for her at all times outside the house of Guadalix de la Sierra, of all the time lost while she has been locked up.And it seems that he is making the most of it.

Much quieter than in his last public appearances, Alba Carrillo has burst out laughing when we asked him if his son’s father congratulated him on his way through the contest: “(laughs) a kiss.”And it is that as we know well, the former contestant already explained that the relationship with Fonsi Nieto is not entirely good, just cordial for the sake of the child.

As for everything that is being said about the possible debts that Rocío Carrasco has, her friend Alba Carrillo prefers to opt for silence to defend her, although she ends up explaining that:“My God, everyone will know their numbers, I don’t talk to anyone about those things.”And is that the model can not be happier and shows it is the smile that comes when we refer to his current partner, Santi Burgoa.

One of Alba Carrillo’s main enemies inside the house of GH VIP 7 was Antonio David. Their relationship was truncated shortly before the middle of the contest because as we all know, the model is a close friend of Rocío Carrasco. Despite the differences he could have with Rocío Flores’s father, another with whom he argued very and much was with Adara.Although remember that in the last weeks of reality they remained very close, behaving as if they were lifelong friends.

Little has lasted the good vibes between the two former contestants, since the model assures that: “I don’t give a damn … how she and her friends take it.” Alba Carrillo is concise with what has been her program partner after accusing her of ‘running’ her partner to win the briefcase:“I have said what I have not done and that does not mean that others are taken for granted.”

As for Mila Ximénez, with whom she has had more than one conflict in the house of Guadalix de la Sierra, the statements of the collaborator have been taken as a joke in which she assures that the model is childish: “Of course it is childish No? Won’t you talk to me again? Jo “. Without giving it any importance, the former sister shows indifference to be or not a friend of the journalist:“Well, look, I had no idea, but look how I take it, I’m going to cry for a little while.”

And he has also had words for Antonio David and Gianmarco, and it seems that it has not seemed good at all what they have done to Adara, despite not having any relationship with her: “It seems to me that between pillos is the game. They’re all the same, cut by the same pattern. ” In this way, the model has proved to have recharged enough forces to lash out right and left. Will we see Lucía Pariente’s daughter again in ‘The time of the discount’?


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