February 28, 2021

Concentrations throughout Spain show their support for the victim of the rape of Manresa

Thousands of people have concentrated in the afternoon of Monday in front of the city councils of dozens of cities in support of the victim of the rape of Manresa. The feminist movement had called for demonstrations throughout the country to show solidarity with the child that three or three years ago, when she was 14, reported having been sexually assaulted in a group in the town of Barcelona.

The Prosecutor's Office accuses six of the men accused of the case, who were already of legal age at the time of the facts, of sexual abuse (another is being investigated for not preventing it). On Monday, a key day was held in the trial, since the victim has declared that he has answered questions from the Public Prosecutor's Office that felt intimidated by the aggressors. This, together with violence, is the characteristic that defines the crime of sexual assault, so that the legal qualification of the facts may still vary.

Precisely, with the slogan "Join against the pack", the demonstrations called by the feminist movement have been intended to publicize the rejection by society of sexual abuse rating held by the Office of the Prosecutor.

In Catalonia, feminist and municipal entities, town councils and political parties have joined the rallies and most of them have read a manifesto of rejection and in which aggression is condemned. The manifestoes also indicate that in sexual relations "consent must be free, mutual, clear, enthusiastic and desired," reports EFE.

"Sister, I do believe you" or "it is not abuse, it is rape" are some of the most chanted slogans in the rallies, similar to those used during the massive demonstrations in support of the 'herd' victim, which was convicted in the first instance for sexual abuse. The support has been repeated in cities such as Valladolid, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Gijón or Bilbao, where in addition feminists have demanded a justice that integrates the gender perspective as a basic principle.

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