Concentrations and protests in Almaraz pending the decision of the electric companies

The City Council of Almaraz (Cáceres) and the works council of the municipality's nuclear power plant are going to stage several protests today, awaiting the final decision of the owners of the facility about its future.

Iberdrola, Endesa and Naturgy, owners of the Almaraz nuclear power plant, meet again on Tuesday to try to reach an agreement to submit the request for renewal of the exploitation permit for the plant, for which they have until the 31st March.

The assembly of owners of the CNA will meet again after the companies that share ownership of the plant on March 12 (Iberdrola, with 53%, Endesa, with 36%, and Naturgy, with 11%) ) disagree on how to submit the application.

In this sense, the City of Almaraz and a group of local women, formed by wives and mothers of workers of the nuclear power plant, have called for a concentration of support for workers at the doors of the plant, starting today. 14 hours

"The assistants will show their support to the workers of the nuclear installation and the maintenance of it as a source of work and wealth for the Arañuelo Field," the Consistory said in a note.

The conveners will ask that the workers who leave the facility after that hour be added and the works committee of the plant, which maintains the protest rallies every Tuesday and Thursday at the gates of the Caceres center.

Likewise, the members of the works council have decided not to leave the facilities until the result of the meeting that the owners will have is known.

According to Efe, the president of the works council of the CNA, César Vizcaíno, the members of the committee will remain in the central interior "at least until 10 pm".

"Instead of going to Madrid, we have decided to stay here to wait for the outcome of the meeting in which our future is at stake," he said.


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