Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

concentration in Alcalá de Henares in rejection of the courses to 'cure' homosexuality

concentration in Alcalá de Henares in rejection of the courses to 'cure' homosexuality

"Our love is not cured." That has been the motto that has joined several hundred people who have kissed on Tuesday at the gates of the Cathedral of Saints Justo and Pastor (Alcalá de Henares, Madrid) as a repudiation before the illegal and clandestine courses offered by the diocese of the locality to 'cure' homosexuality.

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The concentration has been called by different LGTBI groups after learning about the information advanced by eldiario.es, also using the motto"Love has no cure, hatred does: diversity". A journalist of this medium infiltrated one of the talks offered by the Family Counseling Center Regina Familiae, belonging to the bishopric of Alcalá, in which they referred to homosexuality as "a wound that can be cured". In addition, these courses are taught by a pseudotherapist who, as this newspaper has verified, is not a collegiate psychologist and, therefore, is a person not qualified to carry out tasks of this type.

During the conversations with the journalist of eldiario.es, this supposed psychologist is aware of the seriousness of the activities promoted by the diocese, coming to define them as "a cognitive LGTBphobic act" and lamenting that "they could even close the center" . Likewise, different materials were offered to complement pseudotherapies, such as the case of the book 'Reparative Therapies', by the American psychiatrist Joseph Nicolosi.

"The gay lie and misinformation on this issue is leading many teenagers and young people to think that they have to be accepted and therefore, they are being condemned to a life of suffering, of lying, of degradation and death", he arrives at affirm the person in charge of the talks, as can be heard in the audios broadcasted by this newspaper.

The seriousness of the facts, which could be in conflict with the regional law of Comprehensive Protection against LGTBfobia, has promoted the complaint of More Madrid to the Community, which asks for the maximum sanction stipulated: up to 45,000 euros in fines. If the denunciation prospers, it could suppose that, during three years, the diocese was disqualified "for the exercise of social services, educational, welfare, youth and childhood", as well as the impossibility of signing contracts with the Public Administration during that period. same period. Collectives such as Facua or the Observatory against LGTBIfobia have already announced that they will take legal measures in this same direction.

For its part, the Community of Madrid has confirmed on the same morning that the complaint has been filed that has already opened an investigation to study the case. However, as eldiario.es has learned, for the moment only "administrative sanctions" are contemplated, and not the "cessation of activity" of the center indicated.

Far from recanting, the bishopric of Alcalá has issued a statement in which it frames the events within an "operation to try to provoke fear and restrict the freedom of the Church", accusing eldiario.es of "the fabrication of fake news, in the height of the misinformation of which Pope Francis speaks. "


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