Conan and Covid stop Real Madrid

Ten wins after the Real Madrid broke the streak. The Cadiz and the Covid or the Covid and the Cadiz they stopped the whites. The yellow defensive wall and the interventions of an imperial Conan Ledesma prevented the triumph of those of Ancelotti, which were thick without Modric and not very successful in the face of goal in a game that ended up being a sterile siege with 30 local shots on goal.

The Real Madrid has developed in this triumphant streak in which the virtue of patience lives. Cook the matches without haste, reading the defense of the rivals until you find the weak points to find a way to deactivate them. But the game against him Cadiz, a caring and hard-working team, put white perseverance to the test. Cervera ordered a defense of four with five midfielders ahead guarding the goal area. Ledesma and was entrusted to the effort of all.

Ancelotti he took it with his usual calm. The Covid rotated it and gave ownership to Hazard Y Valverde, by the contagions of Asensio, Rodrygo and above all, Modric. What's more, Lucas Vazquez replaced a headdress Carvajal. The first part passed with the usual feeling of siege in the Bernabeu by local part.

Casemiro's bull

A powerful shot of Valverde was the highlight in a first part in which Casemiro he must have seen the red one after a treacherous entry from behind to Alejo with the studs in front and in which at no time did he look for the ball. All the Cadiz the yellow one protested angrily that the Aragonese Latre He showed the Brazilian, understanding that it was little punishment for the tremendous entrance of the madridista. Decision that undoubtedly conditioned the rest of the party. The president of Cadiz, Manuel Vizcaíno, was clear at halftime: "He was behind and has no chance of playing the ball. It is red, the regulations say so. But it is necessary to respect the referee's decision."

Without Modric in the field Madrid suffered to decipher the yellow wall. Ledesma, imperial all night, got a headbutt from Hazard Before game time, the Belgian's only appearance of merit. Either Vinicius it was comfortable and Kroos he felt like an orphan without the Croatian around. The whites chased the yellows in their area, but Conan He held the yellows when those of Carletto they surpassed the visiting wall.

And when he suffered the most Cadiz, a quarter of an hour from the end, yellow counterattack and Negredo forgive in a clamorous play for the de Vallecas. Real Madrid raised the game marches in an agonizing final stretch for the visitors. He was able to score on a strange foul on the edge of the area in which the referee first told Militao to get up after diving theatrically. The final traffic jam did not have a prize and Cádiz took a very hard-earned point from the Bernabéu. How much is missed Modric!


REAL MADRID: Courtois (sc); Vázquez (5), Militao (7), Alaba (6), Mendy (6); Kroos (5), Casemiro (5), Valverde (7); Hazard (6), Benzema (6), Vinicius (6). Technician: Ancelotti (5). Changes: Jovic (5) for Valverde (m.70), Nacho (sc) for Mendy (m.82)

CADIZ: Ledesma (10); Akapo (7), Cala (6), Fali (6), Espino (6); Alejo (7), Alarcón (6), Férnandez (6), Jonsson (6), Sobrino (6); Lozano (4). Technician: Cervera (7). Changes: Negredo (6) for Lozano (m.46), Chapela (6) for Alejo (m.70), Bastida (sc) for Jonsson (m.84), Mauro (sc) for Alarcón (m.93)

REFEREE: Latre (3), Aragonese.

Cards: Casemiro and Cala.

STADIUM: Bernabéu.


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