June 16, 2021

Compromís requires the Government a plan for “alternative uses” of the desalination plants of Cabanes and Moncofa (Castellón)

In the first sessions of the Senate commissions, the proposal presented by Mulet will be voted on, who has urged the Government to assume the cost of the construction fee to be paid by the affected municipalities (Cabanes, Orpesa, Benicássim, Xilxes, Moncofa and Sagunt) and exempt municipalities from this obligation.

In the same way, the proposal includes repealing the agreements signed with the affected municipalities, both the first and the current transitory ones, and start working with others that contemplate a new feasibility study that assesses the possible uses, uses, costs of these two desalination plants and renegotiate agreements with local entities according to the new reality determined.

The motion of Compromís, as the training has explained in a statement, also includes urging the Government to develop a plan to analyze the possible alternative uses of these three desalination plants and the resources they generate according to the administrations involved.

In the case of Cabanes, as Mulet has lamented, “despite having located the desalination plant in the municipality and planning to assume 80% of its water production, the lack of consideration of ACUAMED has been a constant since the beginning”.

“While in Moncofa the land was expropriated, in Cabanes the public company was given 43,000 m2 of public endowment land directly, to make the desalination plant, with the votes in favor of PP and PSOE, which only at market price about 30 euros m2 It would cost 1,290,000 euros. Money that the people gave to the company in exchange for nothing for their decision, “he denounced, and criticized that” as a gift ACUAMED baptized the desalination plant as Oropesa del Mar, the neighboring town “.


For Mulet, this reality “demonstrates how PP and PSOE were folded to the interests of a single company to the point of giving away a valuable land.”

“Today it makes no sense to maintain the 2006 agreement. Cabanes is not going to be by far the main consumer of this infrastructure that, for more derision, carries only the name of the neighboring municipality throughout the official process,” he said.

Finally, the senator has argued that Acuamed “should now compensate Cabanes in some way for this gift that the PP and PSOE policy makers who dared to this loss of public assets should also be responsible for.”


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