Compromís calculates about 2,000 changes of Francoist nomenclature in Spain

Compromís calculates about 2,000 changes of Francoist nomenclature in Spain

Compromís calculates that the Spanish municipalities have carried out up to now about 2,000 changes of the Francoist nomenclature or symbology to comply with what is known as the Law of Historical Memory.

The spokesman for Compromis in the Senate, Carles Mulet, today contributed the new updated list of all the municipalities that have eliminated, or have refused to do so, the Franco nomenclature or symbology existing in their locality, within their campaign so that the municipalities comply with this rule.

In a statement, Mulet has expressed his satisfaction with the result of this campaign, although he has stated that it has been "an arduous and constant work, almost of craftsmanship, seeking and asking the list to the administration itself".

He has denounced that nobody has ever had "the slightest interest in eliminating this shameful trail", which, in his opinion, shows that the law of Historical Memory "is totally insufficient", and believes it necessary "to apply deadlines and sanctions for councils or individuals who fail to comply with it. "

"It must be the government itself that is dedicated to track and communicate the obligation to remove these streets, otherwise, it passes as has happened now, 40 years of democracy, and ten of the Law, and has had to be a Valencian party Who is dedicated to clean these traces, "he added.

Mulet has indicated that despite being 515 the municipalities that have responded, in many of these cases "more than one simple street has been eliminated".

"There are cases of one, of two, of three, of four, of twelve streets, that we have been able to eliminate, we do not count these changes, but surely we will be above the 2,000 changes," he assured.

The last step of the campaign undertaken by Compromís has been "to send by official way of the Senate requirements to the city councils with streets dedicated to Francoist ministers like Martín Villa or Manuel Fraga".

For the Valencian senator it constitutes "an offense to all and all the democrats" that both politicians "with the memory stained with blood" are present in the Upper House.

Fraga is considered "politically responsible for the slaughter of the events of Vitoria in 1976", and Martin Villa has assured that while he was Minister of the Interior "were killed in the streets 35 Spanish citizens" by the Police, according to the statement.


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