October 30, 2020

Compromís asks to seal Madrid to avoid contaminating the Valencian Community

Compromís Senator Carles Mulet has asked that the Community of Madrid be sealed to prevent citizens who are traveling to their second homes in the Valencian Community from the “main focus of spread” of the coronavirus from helping to spread the pandemic in this territory.

Mulet not only claims the control of the roads, but the suppression of the trains that leave from Madrid to the other autonomous communities, as well as the national flights and even “confinement measures to prevent anyone from taking this situation of maximum emergency as some vacations”.

This is explained in a statement where he also asks “to control” whoever leaves the Community of Madrid, allowing only to do so “in exceptional or justified cases.”

The Valencian senator recalls that the vice president of the Valencian Community, Mónica Oltra, recently proposed “closing” the AVE to avoid movements towards this territory, but he believes that it should go “further” and close Madrid completely, as has happened in Italy with its most affected regions.

Carles Mulet points out that he makes this proposal after receiving news that “in many of the Valencian coastal towns with second homes” the presence of “people from Madrid” has “skyrocketed”, something that, he stresses, “can only be called foolishness. “

“Taking this situation as a vacation when asking to avoid movements is a tremendous irresponsibility that can contribute, and much, to spread the virus in the Valencian territory” and even, he warns, “generate situations of social tension in the face of this type of behavior” .


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