Compromís asks to reformulate the Criminal Code to protect teachers against "attacks like the parental pin"

The objective is to articulate measures to "pursue with forceful actions that seek to discredit the education system and its professionals instead of giving them the recognition they deserve, something that unfortunately does not cease," the coalition details in a statement.

Mulet has put as an example of these "attacks" on the teaching work carried out this week by a senator of the PP, who described as "indoctrination in the classroom" the video clip 'Depends on the two' made by a school in Toledo to work with the values ​​of equality, feminism, coeducation and tolerance.

"The constant disavowals suffered by teachers from the media and the political class must come to an end," he stressed, defending that "there are no more ways than a more specific regulation that criminalizes these insinuations towards these authorities."

These are professionals who "have gone through hard opposition and whose work needs to be outside of external occurrences such as the 'parental pin' or the constant accusations and repairs to their work, which prevent them from educating future generations in values," has emphasized the representative of Compromís.

He has also asked to support teachers specialized in the knowledge of the co-official languages ​​of the state, in order to create a multilingual and multicultural society, "synonymous with a rich society."

On the other hand, Mulet has criticized that "the PP phobia comes from afar", recalling the campaign of the 'popular' Valencians to collect complaints from parents, teachers and other groups in the educational world on cases of alleged indoctrination in the classroom.

Other "genius" he has cited come from "false allegations of the extreme right on sexual practices and advice to minors in the classrooms." "You have to put some kind of brake and act at once against those who do not respect the authority of schools and their teachers," he insisted.


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