June 16, 2021

Compromís asks Sánchez to update Castor’s dismantling situation during his visit to Castellón

The coalition, which revealed the existence of a plan to dismantle the plant “that has been” hibernating “in a drawer for dark reasons” and that “was only confirmed in the Council of Ministers during the electoral period to join the thesis of the imminent sealing “, has now denounced the need to seal the wells and begin as soon as possible the dismantling of the facilities” say what they say from ACS and Escal, because these companies have never had any sensibility for the territory and its people “.

Compromís has stressed that it has formed from the outset part of the group of groups that has always been “against” this “project” and claimed the sealing of the wells “before the impending expiration of temporary stamps.”

The coalition in the Senate has carried out since its arrival in the institutions a campaign to request documents and reports, questions and motions to gather information, tried to create a commission of inquiry in this regard that was rejected by the PP and “fade the opacity which has involved the unfortunate resolution of a project that proved dangerous and poorly executed. “


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