Complications on roads in the province of Ourense due to the cold and snow

Complications on roads in the province of Ourense due to the cold and snow

The snowfall and low temperatures recorded in the last hours have caused complications since early Saturday in traffic on the main roads of the road network of the province of Ourense and has forced the Civil Guard to limit circulation in some sections , while the yellow warning continues in the eastern region.

Specifically, the Traffic Civil Guard has activated the green level for snow on the A-52 (Benavente-Porriño) highway, between kilometers 113 and 150, which includes the municipal districts of A Mezquita, A Gudiña, Riós and Vilardevós and also from 166 to 180, at the height of Cualedro.

In the same situation is the OU-536, which connects Ourense and Trives, in Montederramo; OU-540 (south of Ourense), in Bande, and OU-533, which connects A Gudiña and A Rúa, in A Veiga.

The green alert level on motorways prevents vehicles from traveling at more than 100 kilometers per hour and on other roads the speed is reduced to 80 kilometers per hour. Trucks are prohibited from overtaking and must travel in the right lane.

Traffic sources in the province have highlighted the "wide deployment" of snow plows in the areas of the province in As Estibadas, Fumaces, A Gudiña, A Canda, Rodicio, Veiro, Furriolo; although the main complications, as indicated, are in the "eastern zone".

Among the main incidents, is the fall of trees in the municipality of Lobios orensano, added to the presence of vehicles, which have been trapped by snow, in the area of ​​Alto del Rodicio or Parada de Sil.

Accidents were also recorded, as in the case of Cualedro, where a truck went off the road.

Also, a group of pilgrims was "surprised" by the snow and the Civil Guard had to deliver vests due to poor visibility.


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