April 14, 2021

Completely restrict the entry of visitors to the Galapagos due to coronavirus

The Ecuadorian authorities completely restricted, from this Monday, the entrance of visitors to the Galapagos archipelago, located about a thousand kilometers from the country’s continental coasts, and where no cases of coronavirus have been reported, according to official data.

In the framework of the declaration of state of sanitary emergency that governs in Ecuador, the Ministry of Environment ordered “the complete restriction of the entry of visitors to the Galapagos National Park and Marine Reserve, as of today,” it said in a statement.

The decision was adopted “after evaluating the influx of local, national and foreign visitors who come daily to visit sites in the protected areas of the Galapagos Islands,” reads the official note.

The prevention and security measures established are necessary to ensure the health of visitors, officials and local communities that inhabit these areas of the archipelago, which was declared in 1978 as a Natural World Heritage Site by Unesco and is the jewel of the crown for tourism in Ecuador, the document abounds.

For this reason, the ministry made an appeal to Ecuadorian and foreign citizens “to adopt the provisions issued by the National Government for the welfare of all.”

According to the most recent report of the National Service of Risk and Emergency Management (SNGRE), in Ecuador there are 37 confirmed cases of coronaviruses (two of them deceased), while 273 remain in an epidemiological fence.

According to that institution, 26 of the infected remain “stable in home isolation” and 9 are hospitalized: 7 in “stable” conditions and 2 with “reserved prognosis.”

According to the latest SNGRE report, 51 people emerged from the epidemiological fence.

In 5 of the 24 provinces of Ecuador the infected are registered, being that of Guayas, with 19 cases, the highest, followed by Los Ríos, with 10.

In the province of Pichincha, whose head is Quito, which is both the country’s capital, there are six confirmed cases, while in Sucumbíos and Azuay, there is one in each.

Ecuadorian Health Minister Catalina Andramuño reported last Saturday the death of the sister of the first coronavirus patient in Ecuador, who died on Friday due to circumstances that are being investigated, and who had also tested positive for COVID-19.

However, in its statistics on the coronavirus, the SNGRE mentions two deaths.


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