Complete works of María Zambrano

Complete works of María Zambrano

The project was born in 2009, but not with the mere vocation of gathering the texts of María Zambrano in a collection. Behind it was a broader intention. It was seen as an opportunity to tackle a rigorous edition that took their books out of the shadows in which they survived and read. Due to her exile and because, according to the director of this project, Jesús Moreno, a professor at the UNED, "she was a machine typing disaster", her work has always gone badly edited or has reached the bookstores in a way incomplete, with reasonable doubts about some passages and, in certain cases, dispensing directly with the dedications, something that happened more than once in the successive reprints of their titles.

Now goes on sale the IV volume of the Complete Works, which is divided into two parts, and which collects what María Zambrano wrote between 1977 and 1990. Here will be his last six books: "Claros del bosque", one of the canonical titles and the entrance door of many readers to his theses and expositions, and that, in spite of his fame, did not have an exemplary edition, "De the aurora "," Trails "," Notes of a method "," Some places of painting "and" The Blessed ones ", which is their contribution to the theme of Spanish exile.

According to Joan Tarrida, director and editor of Galaxia Gutenberg, "you always have to congratulate yourself when you publish complete works. It is not done often because it is very complicated, and complex, and support is needed. At the moment they are having a very good reception by booksellers and readers and we are going to reprint several of them ". Later he announced that the intention is to publish one a year until completion in 2022 or 2023. During the presentation, they also insisted on the need to recover the tradition of Spanish thought, often eclipsed by the influence of foreign currents and restore the prestige and validity it still has.


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