Complete list of confirmed contestants of 'Survivors 2021'

Full list of confirmed contestants from & # 039; Survivors 2021 & # 039;

Complete list of confirmed contestants of 'Survivors 2021'

'Survivors 2021' It is just around the corner. With the premiere, predictably in early April, Telecinco has already begun to announce dropper who will be the participants of this new edition that will once again be led by Jorge Javier Vázquez, Lara Álvarez, Carlos Sobera and Jordi González. For this reason, at YOTELE we compile all the names that have been confirmed to date in a list that will be progressively updated.

Antonio Canales, the dancer was the first confirmed and surprised everyone because he was not in the pools. Antonio was a teacher in 'Operación Triunfo', a member of the jury of 'Mira who dances' and he lived one of his most controversial moments in 'Donde eres corazón', when he was expelled from the set by Jaime Cantizano.

Sylvia Pantoja, Singer and cousin of Isabel Pantoja embarks on an adventure after participating in 'The famous jungle' 17 years ago. After appearing in one of the specials of 'Cantora: the poisoned inheritance', she returned to the forefront of today. A news that will continue now from Honduras. Contestant advanced exclusively by YOTELE.

Alexia Rivas, journalist and former reporter of 'Socialité' returns to Telecinco through the big door after leaving the chain less than a year ago due to his involvement in the 'Merlos Place'. The now influencer returns to the chain that gave her fame to be one of the contestants of the survival reality show.

Tom Brusse, formerly of 'MYHYV' and current collaborator of 'The debate of temptations'. The Moroccan businessman will face in a few days his third reality show in less than a year after passing through the second editions of 'The island of temptations' and 'The strong house'.

Olga Moreno, designer and sentimental partner of Antonio David Flores. The Andalusian is consolidated on television with her participation in the program and takes over from Rocío Flores, daughter of the collaborator of 'Sálvame', who was one of the main participants in the last edition.

Carlos Alba, former contestants of the seventh edition of 'Masterchef'. The Sevillian, who did not enter any of the pools, It is one of the great surprises of the casting of 'Survivors'. In this way, the survival reality show returns to fish in this way on the public television program. The winner of its 2017 edition was Jose Luis, who had previously won 'Masterchef 4'.

Marta Lopez, former contestant of 'GH 2' and collaborator of 'Sálvame'. The socialite and businesswoman has closed a contract with the producer to head to Honduras in the coming days, where she will live with other celebrities such as the journalist Alexia Rivas, another of the protagonists of 'Merlos Place'.

Lara Sajen, former apprentice of 'Masters of Sewing 2'. Although she was presented as an artist, since she is a singer, Her career on television goes much further and is not only limited in her passage through the workshops of the second edition of 'Maestros de la couture', one of her latest television appearances.

Melyssa pinto, former participant of 'MYHYV' and 'The island of temptations 2'. In this way, the young will coincide in Honduras with Tom Brusse, his partner until they both participated in the reality show presented by Sandra Barneda, where his infidelity ended the relationship. The two met a year before in the dating of Cuatro, who arrives and says goodbye forever this Thursday. Name advanced exclusively by YOTELE.


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