Complaints for sexist violence continue to fall, but the judges warn that it is not a real drop in cases

At a time of rebound in sexist murders in recent weeks, the General Council of the Judiciary has made public data on activity in the courts for the first quarter of the year: complaints have continued to maintain the downward trend of the year 2020 registering 35,001, 3.21% less than a year ago and 13% less than in the first quarter of 2019, before the COVID crisis. Between January and March of this 2021, most of the autonomous communities were still under harsh restrictions to contain the pandemic and the state of alarm was still in force, which declined on May 9. From the Observatory against Domestic and Gender Violence of the CGPJ they warn that the lower number of complaints is not equivalent to a decrease in sexist violence.

Anna and Olivia's mother calls for tougher laws to protect children

Anna and Olivia’s mother calls for tougher laws to protect children

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This has been specified by the president, Ángeles Carmona, who has condemned “energetically and forcefully” the latest murders registered. In the last month and a half there has been a concentration of cases that has raised the fatalities to 18 women and two minors so far this year. Olivia and Ana, aged six and one, have yet to be added to the official statistics, the two girls kidnapped and murdered in Tenerife by their father. Last Thursday the robot from the search ship Ángeles Alvariño found the lifeless body of the oldest of the sisters, while the search for Ana and Tomás Gimeno continues. That same day, the ex-boyfriend of Rocío Caíz, aged 17, confessed that he had murdered her, a case that has already been confirmed by the Ministry of Equality. The crimes they took thousands of women to the streets last Friday in protests held in different parts of Spain.

In the absence of the data on complaints relating to the current months, in which there is no longer a state of alarm, the vaccination rate is advancing at high speed and the communities have eased the restrictions, Carmona has warned that the decrease in complaints ” it does not mean a real decrease in sexist violence in our country “, but rather figures” still reflecting the effect caused by the health crisis in this area, where restrictions on mobility have been an additional obstacle for victims of time to take the step and report “.

The first quarter of this year has maintained the same trend registered in the past, since the entry into force of the first state of alarm in March 2020. The period with the fewest complaints was April, May and June, the time of confinement and restrictions. tougher. They subsequently experienced a slight rise during the summer, when 42,854 complaints were registered, reaching normal levels prior to the pandemic, but they fell again as of September. In the last quarter of the year, 37,189 complaints were filed; even so, they were more than those recorded in these first three months of 2021.

Regarding the protection orders, a total of 10,506 were requested before the courts of violence against women and before the guard courts, 1% less than a year ago. The number of measures agreed (62% of those requested) is surprising, far from the percentage of orders granted to women in the first quarter of 2019 and which stands at 71.7%, according to EFE account. What did increase in this period was the number of sentences handed down, and of these the proportion of convictions also experienced a slight increase, standing at 73.11% of the total, while in the same quarter of 2020 they were 70.1% .


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