Complaints about the "bad" management of Social Security in the Canary Islands grow by 96%

The Deputy of the Common, Rafael Yanes, presented this Thursday his annual report in Parliament. / C7

The Diputado del Comun points out in its annual report deficiencies in the telephone attention, queues in the street and the delay in the waiting lists of the islands

INGRID ORTIZ The Gran Canarian palms.

The discontent of the canaries with respect to the functioning of the Public Administration continues to increase. This is what is extracted from the data presented this Thursday by the Deputy of the Common, Rafael Yanes, before the Commission of the Interior, Autonomous Development, Justice and Security of the Parliament of the Canary Islands.

your annual report 3,671 new complaints are collected during 2021, which represents an increase of 26% compared to the previous year and more than 100% in the last five years.

The institution received most of the claims electronically, after modernizing its website and reinforcing its free telephone line in the face of mobility restrictions, which have made access to administrations generally difficult.

The accumulation of these claims is again concentrated in the Dependency and Disability areas, which account for a quarter of the total number of open files. It is for this reason that Yanes has announced that next week he will address this problem in an extraordinary report before the Chamber. "We hope it will be a turning point -he assured- since the document will also contain proposals for improvement".

In general terms, Yanes wanted to highlight the telephone service as one of the administration's greatest handicaps. Although he admitted that 012 works "reasonably well", Social Security does the opposite. Criticism towards the entity, dependent on the central government, has triggered 96% of the complaints of the canaries. "The Public Administration has distanced itself from the citizenry," he exclaimed.

four notes

  • 5,099 files in process.
    Citizens filed 3,671 complaints with the Diputación del Comun last year, in addition to another 1,428 files managed from previous years.

  • 10,000 calls answered.
    Given the difficulties in accessing the Public Administration, the website was modernized to present complaints electronically and the free telephone service was reinforced.

  • 38.2. La Palma leads the complaints.
    In proportion, for every 10,000 inhabitants, the island almost triples the complaints of Gran Canaria (12.86), the same as El Hierro (38.05). The average fluctuates at 16.40.

  • 27% in Dependency.
    This management area accumulates the highest percentage again. Yanes announced that he will present an extraordinary report to deepen the data.

depersonalized treatment

In this line, the Common Deputy considers it "inadmissible" that calls are not answered or that this contact is made through a machine that leads them to a "bureaucratic labyrinth" and not through a human being who listens and guides . He also complained about keeping queues on the street since, once the critical point of the pandemic has passed, "people lead normal lives" and it makes no sense.

Once again, he placed special emphasis on the health field and on
waiting lists to be seen by specialists. The average in the archipelago is 118 days, while for operations it amounts to 144. Until the end of the year, 30,000 patients -one cider above the average per inhabitant of the rest of the country- suffered the effects of these delays in the Canary lists .

The bottlenecks in the procedures extend to Dependency, Yanes pointed out, where there are appeals pending resolution since 2014, "with plaintiffs who have probably died"; the processing times of the
non-contributory pensions, which take up to 500 days, when they should not exceed 90; or those of the
PCIwhich reach 300 while its limit is 60.

Complaints about access to fiber optics also increase due to the increase in teleworking and online teaching

On the other hand, eviction complaints have doubled and Yanes has predicted that they will continue to increase. The figure, however, is half when compared to that of 2019 due to the two decrees that paralyzed the execution of evictions.

In his opinion, this is one of the main indicators of the need to
expand public housing in the Canary Islands, which currently has a park of 16,000 properties compared to other similar communities, such as the Basque Country, with 60,000.

Information and Communication Technologies was also the area that grew the most this year compared to the previous one, with an increase of 925%, due to citizen requests for access to fiber optics due to the implementation of teleworking and online teaching.

Disparity between islands

The distribution of the files processed between the islands is quite irregular:
The Palm Y
The iron They are the ones that have presented the most complaints in relation to the number of inhabitants.

Attending to the different areas,
Tenerife accumulates 36% of the claims on the Unit while in
La Gomera none showed up.
Fuerteventura registered 41% of the Territorial Policy files, while in
Lanzarote barely reaches 5%.

The positive data of the report is related to a decrease of 63% in the number of
legal duty reminders and 52% with respect to warnings to administrations. In addition, the Common Deputy did not sign any declaration of obstructionism. "This result is due to a work of rapprochement and awareness with our requests for reports," he added.

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