June 16, 2021

Competition attacks the decree of Ábalos of the taxi: «it will harm the users»

Competition attacks the decree of Ábalos of the taxi: «it will harm the users»


The National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) has attacked the decree that regulated the taxi sector and the VTC approved by the Government of Pedro Sánchez in September to cede the powers to communities and municipalities and set a moratorium of four years in certain aspects. How ABC progressed, the agency has pronounced and points out that the rule subtracts competition from the sector and puts clients in the spotlight. «End users will be harmed, predictably in the form of higher prices, longer waiting times, lower quality Y Less innovation in transportation», Sentence.

And he adds that «andThese measures will adversely affect the competition in the discretionary transport of passengers, by reducing the number of operators available to be able to provide discretional urban and interurban transport services and their capacity and incentives to compete. "

A harsh criticism that joins the one that makes the current regulatory framework, which highlights that has factors that "have a negative impact on the provision of the service for end users»

Therefore he asks «suppress the rule of proportionality 1/30 in the granting of national VTC authorizations, since their justification no longer makes sense in the light of the criteria of the Supreme Court »and demands«establish a flexible regime regarding the possibility of temporary provision of VTC services in autonomous communities different from the one of origin, for the benefit of the final users ».

The organism directed by José María Marín Quemada calls on the authorities to «to make the regulatory regime of the taxi more flexible, reviewing the regulation and imitating many restrictions that prevent or hinder the greater efficiency and the improvement of the service quality and enabling the existence of a greater number of operators ».

More licenses for taxis

To show a button, the CNMC expressly asks for «review restrictions on the number of taxi licenses and VTC ». Because Competition notes that despite the demographic, economic and tourist increase of recent decades, taxi licenses have fallen by 3% since 1995, so it calls to grant more.

«While the number of taxi licenses has decreased in the period 1994-2018 in the whole of Spain (from 72,072 to 69,792), the population in Spain has increased by 18% (from 39.6 million to 46.7 million), the per capita income of Spaniards has grown by 40% (from € 17,890 to € 25,291) and the annual entrance of foreign tourists has made it 30% (from 33 million to more than 75 million), "stresses the agency. Only the increase in VTC in recent years has been able to alleviate this phenomenon, in the words of the CNMC.


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