July 27, 2021

Compass waiting before the Supreme Court's final ruling on the mortgage tax and four other news

Compass waiting before the Supreme Court's final ruling on the mortgage tax and four other news


1. The Supreme takes this afternoon the debate on mortgages. Spanish society looks to the Supreme Court, whose judges are still meeting to decide who should pay the tax on mortgages, an issue that has kept banks and customers in suspense for two weeks. A million-dollar bill and the credibility of the Supreme Court, the summit of the judicial system, are at stake.

2. Supreme Court ruling on mortgage tax: the three possible scenarios. The Supreme Court will decide today who should pay the tax on mortgages, the bank or customers. For his high impact on the economy and the society, the president of Room III informed that the next sentence that is dictated on this matter will be valued by the Plenary of the Chamber, and not only by one of the sections.

3. Unions call a strike schedule on Amazon for the Christmas campaign. The CGT and Comisiones Obreras unions, which have the majority representation of workers of Amazon in the logistics center of San Fernando de Henares (Madrid) and the largest volume, have called a strike schedule for 23 and 24 November, coinciding with the "Black Friday", as well as the 7 and 9 of December on the bridge of the Constitution, among other dates.

4. Anticorruption reproaches Pedraz for the false closing of the case open to Mario Conde. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office has appealed this Monday the dismissal of the case opened in the National Court against Mario Conde for money laundering, crimes against the Public Treasury and criminal organization. The Public Ministry denounces that Judge Santiago Pedraz filed the proceeding "without having the opinion of the Prosecutor's Office.

5. The number of unemployed rises again in 52,194 people in October and chains three months of increases. The number of unemployed registered in the offices of the Public Employment Services has risen in October in 52,194 people in relation to the month previous standing at 3,254,703 unemployed. A figure that is lower than last year, when there was an increase of 56,884 people, as reported by the Ministry of Labor


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