Compare Red Dead Online graphics with Red Dead Redemption 2

The arrival of Red Dead Online, which is going through its phase of Advance access with a beta that closes next November 30 until further notice, has made thousands of players who bought Red Dead Redemption 2 dive into the Wild West in its multiplayer mode, which currently has five competitive modalities to take advantage of the new Crews. Different channels are now comparing the title at a technical level and its performance.

The Bit Analyst, which is used to doing this type of tasks, has been in charge of carrying out a detailed analysis of Red Dead Online vs. Red Dead Redemption story mode 2; and, as it seems, the result is pleasantly satisfactory, with hardly any differences and cuts compared to what we are used to in these types of ways.

Test exceeded at the technical level; the challenge will be in the performance

The open world of Rockstar counts again with the five great original regions of the adventure starring Arthur Morgan, only that in this case most of the people we meet are controlled by other players from around the world, all supported by online servers that, inevitably, must adjust the technical section.

The images and sequences face to face serve to see that the definition is very similar in open spaces and covers more full of elements. The color is less saturated, with a little less nuance, as well as the luminosity, which now does not hit as many whites as in the story mode.

The shading, however, presents negligible differences, something that we can see in the video part where we arrived at one of the villages of the game.

The challenge of Rockstar, demonstrated that there will be no notable graphic sacrifices, will achieve a good performance on servers for what Red Dead Online is up to the expectations when it launches in its full version for the already More than 17 million users who have bought Red Dead Redemption 2 in its first eight days on sale on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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