January 19, 2021

Companies that bet on true equality – The Province

Companies that bet on true equality - The Province

In an economic structure in which thewage gapbetween men and womenround six thousand eurosaccording to EAES, in a country whereless than 20% of management positionsOf the more than one hundred companies in the Continuous Market, women are employed, we find companies that do everything possible to reconcile schedules and mark equality policies.

To talk about this crucial aspect in such a prominent week, sponsored byIberdrolaEight women with very different profiles met at two work tables. They contributed their testimonies, their achievements, the obstacles to be overcome and the challenges of the future.

At the first table, the presence of women in theBoard of directors; quotas and positive discrimination; the obstacles for women to reach managerial positions; theconciliation; the vision of the new generations and the need for "engineering" references that open the way within the company.

They were:Inés Macho, vice president of the Board of Directors of Iberdrola;Angels Santamaría, CEO of Iberdrola Spain;Nuria Soto, responsible for Offshore Operation and Maintenance andStephanie Lozano, Commercial Manager of Smart Mobility.

The goal was to give women a voice. An event to listen to what women have to say. Show leadership in the field of women, both internally and in society as a whole and staging that the company "listens and takes note" of the progress made, but also of the barriers that have yet to be broken.

Ignacio Galán, president and CEO of Iberdrola.

The second table focused on women and their role in society and put the focus on athletes as referents of society, withCarolina Marín, Spanish badminton player and Olympic champion inRio de Janeiro 2016, three times world champion and four times European champion. On the role of women in the armed forces, with the CaptainRocio González Torres, member of theEagle Patrol.

The importance of education and socio-cultural factors in the choice by women of certain careers, withItziar Lamiquiz, PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology, immersed in studies of massive sequencing in subjects with different dyslipidemia phenotypes and in the search for genetic and environmental factors predictive of weight modification. And on the glass roof of women in the art world, withTamzin Townsend, one of the most prestigious directors of theater in Spain and professor at the European University of Madrid where she directs the Degree in Performing Arts and Media.

The women spoke and Iberdrola heard proposals, reflections, experiences within the areas close to the company, to society, to motherhood and in all those fields in which women already participate actively.

Lead by example

The Board of Directors of Iberdrola has ahigh female presence. Of the 12 non-executive members that make it up, half are women. In addition, the power company has developed a manual of Conciliation Policies in which there are more than 70 practices, among which include:

  • Fexible reduction of the working dayfive hours a day until the child reaches 1 year, without loss of salary fixed salary.
  • Payment of the100% of salaryin thematernity leave/paternity.
  • Paid leave of15 calendar days before the expected date of delivery.
  • Extension of thereduction of working hours due to breastfeeding45 minutes.
  • Extension of thereservation of the jobfour years in case of leave, both for the care of children and a family member.
  • Preparation of theSurvey on the degree of knowledge and satisfactionof the aforementioned conciliation measures.
  • Constitution of aequality commissionof conciliation and equal opportunities measures.
  • Training Plan, which includes an online course on conciliation and a specific training for managers.


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