Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

Companies must record the hours of the worker's workday

Las empresas deberán registrar las horas de la jornada laboral del trabajador

The government has approved this Friday in the advice
Ministers a decree law of urgent measures to fight against job insecurity, which includes the registry schedule of the workday.

As explained by the Minister of Labor, Migration and Social Security, Magdalena Valerio, the measure seeks to "guarantee" the registration of the day with a daily detail, with "hours of start and end of each worker."

In the decision "a general regime is not established but through regulations the Ministry will be able to regulate the peculiarities of certain jobs, sectors and professional categories" that need it. All this, in any case, "without prejudice to the flexible schedule."

Time record

It will be kept for four years and companies face sanctions if they do not have it

Companies will have to keep these records for four years and they will remain available to the worker, their representatives and the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate. The companies will have two months from the publication of the royal decree in the Official State Gazette (BOE) to implement this measure. If they do not comply, they face sanctions. It will be considered a serious infraction if you do not have a working day record.

The Government seeks to address situations of precariousness that have been reported to the Labor Inspectorate as "workers who are hired on a part-time basis but do it at full" or extra hours that "neither pay them nor contribute to Social Security". "It is relatively common," criticized the minister.


Will be available to workers, unions and the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate

After the rejection of budgets
2019 (with its consequent convocation of general elections), this was one of the issues that remained in the air. In this regard, the President of the Government, Pedro
SanchezHe had already assured that he intended exhaust the legislature by approving some urgent measures through social decrees.

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