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Companies must have a salary record to avoid discrimination by sex | Society

Companies must have a salary record to avoid discrimination by sex | Society

The Minister council has given the green light at its last meeting before the dissolution of the cameras on March 5 at a decree law against inequality between men and women in the workplace, what includes a change in maternity and paternity leave -They will arrive until 16 weeks in 2021- a register of salaries disaggregated by sex and the number of companies that will be required to count on equality plans. Until now, they were those that had 250 employees or more. Since this decree is published in the Official Gazette, the companies must have more than 150. From the second year of validity, those of more than 100, and the third, those over 50. These equality plans should be recorded. in a register that will depend on the general Directorate of Labor and will be part of the one that already exists of collective agreements and agreements.

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To start them, a "negotiated diagnosis" will be made between the employer and the workers' representatives. And they must contain "an ordered set of evaluable measures" which include "at least the following subjects: selection and hiring process, professional classification, training, professional promotion, working conditions (including the salary audit between women and men), retributions, prevention of sexual harassment, under-representation of women and co-responsible exercise of personal, family and work life ".

In addition, the employer will also have to have a record in the company with the "average values ​​of wages, salary supplements and extra-salary perceptions of their workforce, disaggregated by sex ". This registry will be accessible to "the representatives of the workers in the company" and the members of the committees.

According to the text, the delay in implementing these measures, "would entail a damage of difficult repair that can not be assumed by a modern society like the Spanish one". And it aims at the gender gap in a new labor market, linked to technology, engineering, mathematics and science: "The new jobs that are being created are, in turn, the best paid, therefore, public equality policies must remove obstacles that prevent access and the development of women in the fields of science, research and technology. " With this, the Government seeks "that the necessary conditions exist for equality to be effective in employment and occupation".

The main objective of this last decree law approved by the Government is to reduce the wage gap, which as stated in the explanatory memorandum of the legal text, "has not been reduced in recent years."


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