Compañía Cervecera, hand in hand with Corona, advocates the reduction of the use of plastic


Coinciding with the celebration of World Oceans Day, an action is launched in Playa de Las Américas to raise awareness in society about the importance of caring for the seas

Compañía Cervecera de Canarias, hand in hand with Corona, joins today's celebration of International Oceans Day with the installation of a construction of giant letters in front of Las Américas beach, with which it intends to raise awareness among the population about the need to reduce the use of plastic and reduce its footprint on the environment, especially in the marine environment.

From today and for a week, the Paseo Francisco Andrade Fumero hosts a construction of approximately twelve meters long and 2.5 high in which a message of support for a world free of plastic is made known in order to address the current environmental crisis. An initiative to which Cervecera de Canarias and its parent company AB InBev have joined through one of its brands, Corona, which has extensive experience and a recognized international track record in carrying out environmental protection activities.

The Paseo Francisco Andrade Fumero hosts, for a week, a construction of giant letters more than 12 meters long and 2.5 high made with part of the 800 kilograms of plastics and waste collected on the coasts of Güímar and Pájara

under the slogan
Is this living?', (Is this living?) the new urban figure has been made with part of 800 kilograms of plastic and garbage collected by more than 130 volunteers on the beaches of Lima and Socorro, in the Tenerife municipality of Güímar, and in different beaches of Pájara, in Fuerteventura.

More than 130 volunteers have participated in the collection of these materials through different actions to clean the beaches and seabed of the Canary Islands.

With this action, it is intended to draw attention to the 300 million tons of plastics that end up in the oceans each year and that currently represent more than 80% of all marine debris in the world. The brand has carried out similar actions to raise awareness on other beaches and rivers around the world. Countries such as Brazil, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Germany, Italy and Puerto Rico have been an example of this, and now the initiative has been extended to the Canary Islands.

On the other hand, the action seeks to make the population aware of the impact that human beings are having on vital natural resources. A situation that requires urgent action to protect the oceans from daily plastic pollution.

Compañía Cervecera de Canarias has been working for years on different fronts in order to move towards sustainable development. The actions carried out range from the elimination of plastic from the packaging of its different brands to the use of recycled materials in its glass bottles and labels.

For its part, Corona is one of the brands most committed to sustainability and the reduction of plastic pollution at an international level. In this sense, it has implemented numerous measures to deal with this problem, achieving significant progress.

Among the most recent actions is the celebration of the first World Plastic Fishing Tournament that was held in China, Brazil, Israel, South Africa, Colombia and Mexico, coinciding with the celebration of World Recycling Day. This action made it possible to remove in the order of ten tons of plastic waste from the ocean, while at the same time serving to support local fishing communities.

Likewise, to date, Corona has carried out more than 1,400 cleanups in different parts of the planet, in which around 68,000 volunteers have participated and has collected plastic waste from more than 44 million square meters of beach.

About Compañía Cervecera de Canarias

Compañía Cervecera is one of the main beer-producing companies at a national level and one of the main engines of economic and social development in the Canary Islands. Defender of the products made in the Islands for their multiplier effect on the economy, directly and indirectly promotes the creation of about 9,000 jobs; it participates in the shareholding of several Canarian industrial companies, and gives priority to local supplies to carry out its activity.

Compañía Cervecera produces its own brands of beer
Golden and Tropicaland under license
Stella Artois; distributes international brands of the AB InBev Group, such as
Budweiser, Corona, Becks, Leffe and Franziskanerand the Diageo Group, such as
Guinness. In addition, it has other drinks such as energy
Red Bulll, the ciders
Kopparberg and Magnersthe sangria
volcano and the juices

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