June 14, 2021

Community of Madrid firefighters hang a video with exercises to do at home – La Provincia

To see the video that Firefighters from the Community of Madrid have posted on Youtube (Emergency service 112 has shared in a shortened version), you must have a chair and a broom close at hand. And not just to sit or sweep, but to exercise. It is the first in a series of videos that will be published in the coming days.

The one this Friday focuses on the legs. They are little more than two minutes with five exercises (including the warm-up) whose intensity in the execution – they warn – “can be varied depending on the state of form of each person and age”. The broom is used for squats because it helps to keep balance, and the chair is like a XXL step that you have to climb with each leg.

The videoIt is actually longer (9.20 minutes), and more fun. And underlines the need to stay home (adheres to the ‘hashtag’ # Stay at home) with one more activity to do to entertain ourselves in our homes: physical exercise.


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