March 6, 2021

«+ Commitment, mutual alliance» will cover more than 4.6 million workers

«+ Commitment, mutual alliance» will cover more than 4.6 million workers


Asepeyo, Fraternidad-Muprespa and MC Mutual, mutual collaborators with Social Security, they have announced this morning their collaboration agreement under the name «+ Commitment, alliance of mutuals».

The three entities add more than 560,000 mutual companies, 4,620,000 workers in professional contingencies and 4,435,000 in common contingencies that will have a large assistance network consisting of 354 health centers and nine hospitals and clinics.

Three weeks ago, the Social Security also authorized the collaboration agreement between Mutua Universal, Fremap and Solimat, which together protect 6.24 million workers.

These alliances, which include six of the main mutual accident insurance companies in our country, aim to cut costs and improve services of almost 12 million workers out of a total of 17.5 million who have mutual assistance.

This morning, the President of MC Mutual, Miguel Valls, said that with this alliance "we get even closer to our users, offering them even better service, as we shorten distances between our protected population and the care centers".

Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros, president of Fraternidad-Muprespa, has affirmed that the main function of "+ Commitment, alliance of mutuals" is to ensure the health of the protected workers. To do this we put at your disposal more than 7,000 professionals from the three mutual societies, of which 3,000 are from the health sector.

José María Juncadella, president of Asepeyo, has indicated that «this alliance reinforces our commitment with the improvement of the provision of the service, as well as the management of the resources of the three entities. We want to be a health reference and act always looking for the highest quality and efficiency ».

«+ Commitment, mutual alliance» will share the mutual assistance and administrative centers of each mutual, reciprocally providing hospital, ambulatory, recovery and complementary tests in professional contingencies, as well as the performance of diagnostic tests, therapeutic and rehabilitative treatments in the processes of temporary disability derived from common contingencies. They will also collaborate in research and innovation to reduce professional contingencies, in preventive activities for mutual companies and in the development of common computer applications, "all in order to expedite and bring the service closer to their mutualists".


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