Commerce dismantles the Government: 'tax free' operators do not charge it

Image of a Canary jewelry. This type of business is one of those that can benefit the most. / C7

They ask that the same model that exists in the rest of Spain and the world be adopted on the islands. They reject the argument of the Canarian Treasury that it is changed to "protect" them from higher costs

Silvia Fernandez

The commercial sector continues with the crusade that it has undertaken with the Government of the Canary Islands, and more specifically with the Canary Islands Tax Agency (Ministry of Finance),
to ensure that a digital 'tax free' system is implemented on the islands, similar to the one that exists in the rest of Spain and the world and leave aside "experiments" that are doomed, in his opinion, to failure.

As published on Sunday CANARIAS7,
The Government of the Canary Islands is moving towards a 'tax free' system that leaves out the big operators in the return of the IGIC to travelers from third countries (among them, the British, after the 'Brexit) so that the Canary Islands Tax Agency itself is in charge of this procedure.

The director of this organization, Raquel
Dangerous, he defends this system on the grounds that the big 'tax free' operators charge commissions to businesses for giving them their billing software. According to his explanations, if the procedure is carried out by the Canary Islands Tax Agency, small businesses are "protected" and are avoided from those.

The small businesses and the 'tax free' operators with whom CANARIAS7 has contacted debunk this argument and they deny charges for implanting the necessary computer tools in the establishments.

The president of the Federation of Urban Areas of the Canary Islands (Fauca) and which represents the small businesses of the Canary Islands,
Abbas Moujir, denies that the big operators charge for implementing the 'tax free' system in the shops. From its organization, the Government is requested to establish the system that operates throughout the world so that the traveler immediately receives the refund of the IGIC.

Advance money benefits business

“The operators speed up the return of the money, they deliver it on the fly and that benefits the commerce of the Canary Islands. What the Government intends, to return the money within six months, delays the collection a lot and will not work, "says Moujir.

The commissions that the operators charge are only for the traveler and are between 25% and 27% of what is going to be returned, but the traveler prefers the money "in hand" even if the amount is less than months in advance.

The president of the trade commission of the Chamber of Gran Canaria,
Eugene Sanchez, is also clear. «It is not true that a commission is charged to the merchant for having the 'tax free' system of the large operators. In the Canary Islands we always slipstream of everything and we end up losing », he indicates.

The president of Cecapyme, José Juan Socas, affirms that if the Treasury system is implemented, the islands will go "20 steps behind." «The business of the Canary Islands is interested in the tourist receiving the money while he is here so that he reinvests that money in the destination. If it is delivered within six months and when it is in your country, it is a disservice to the Canary Islands trade », he indicates.

The sector advocates the double system and that the trade and the traveler choose whether to request the refund through the large operators or through the Canarian Tax Agency.

"Absolutely false"

The general director of Global Blue Spain, Luis Llorca, stated yesterday that it is "absolutely false" that large operators charge businesses. “Commerce is not charged anything, neither small, nor large, nor medium. We do not charge a single euro for joining the 'tax free' system”, says Llorca.

As he explains, his business model goes through the commissions that are applied to the traveler for returning the money on the go. Returning money costs money. This is always the case and the Government of the Canary Islands, if it assumes the process, will also have to do so. You will have to create a structure and means to do it and you will pay for it with the money of all the canaries if the traveler is not going to pay for it, "
warns the CEO of Global Blue Spain..

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