Comisiones Obreras calls a 24-hour strike on Adif, Ports and Rescue on Holy Wednesday

Comisiones Obreras calls a 24-hour strike on Adif, Ports and Rescue on Holy Wednesday


The union Comisiones Obreras has announced the call for a strike of 24 hours for the next April 17 in Adif, Adif Alta Velocidad, State Ports and Maritime Rescue by the blockade of the corresponding collective agreements, as announced in a comunciado the union. In particular, the secretary general of the Railway Sector of this union, Manuel M. Nicolás Taguas, added that this strike in the case of Adif and Adif Alta Velocidad «It would only be avoided if the ministry transferred the company and to the unions the confirmation that the collective agreement is unlocked and begins to be applied ».

Taguas added that it is about fulfilling "what the company signed with the unions and for what Comisiones Obreras decided not to summon mobilizations at that time". In this way, the union leaves the ball on the side of the affected public companies and the Ministries of Development and Finance, which for the moment have not reacted publicly. In the same sense, the general secretary of Workers' Commissions in the Sea Sector has expressed himself: "the union demands those responsible to explain the reasons for this outrage, since we consider unacceptable that no agency of the administration dares to take away from the workers what has been agreed with the companies ».

In the communiqué sent by Comisiones Obreras, this organization has denounced the non-application of the pre-agreement of Collective Agreement of Sasemar (Maritime Rescue) signed on March 23, 2018 and that of the II Collective Agreement of Adif / Adif Alta Velocidad ended on December 27, 2018. Since CCOO have spoken of "helplessness" because for the implementation of both agreements depends on the approval of the Executive. "Something that has not happened so far," they noted in the note sent to the media.

From CCOO lamental this paralyzation and they talk about a situation that – in the case of railway personnel – they have assured that it is not new and as an example they have put what happened in 2016, which led to another strike call for the Adif agreement to be published in the BOE and, in this way, it would begin to be applied. In any case, from Comisiones Obreras, they have lamented "the loss of rights and the kidnapping of collective bargaining ». In addition, they have questioned the conduct of those responsible for these public companies and the Government for the way in which this collective bargaining has been handled.

"Comisiones Obreras deactivated in December 20j8 the conflict in Adif after getting, at the negotiating tables, orn agreement that does not apply», They have denounced from the union that speaks directly of« deceit »towards the workers.


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