October 28, 2020

Comey accuses Trump of wanting to "set fire" to the FBI with "lies"

Comey accuses Trump of wanting to "set fire" to the FBI with "lies"

The former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) James Comey accused US President Donald Trump on Monday of wanting to "set fire" to this agency with his constant "lies".

"The reputation of the FBI has suffered a blow because the president with his henchmen has constantly lied about him," Comey told reporters after testifying for six hours before committees in the lower house.

It is the second appearance in a few days before the Congress of Comey, which was accused by Trump of "lying" in his first testimony.

Comey lamented today that Republican lawmakers took advantage of his appearance to ask again about former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and the scandal of his emails when he was secretary of state, which he investigated when he led the FBI.

"And this while the US president lies about the FBI, attacks the FBI and the rule of law, what's the point of all this?" He asked.

"Republicans used to understand that the actions of a president matter, the words of a president matter, the rule of law matters, and the truth matters, where are those Republicans today?" He added.

Comey, who was also a Republican until 2016, indicated that "at some point, someone will have to stand up and confront the fear of Fox News, the fear of their base (Trump's), the fear of aggressive tweets."

"Stand up for the values ​​of this country and not sneak off to retirement," he continued, in an apparent allusion to Republican lawmakers critical of Trump who have chosen not to revalidate his seat, such as Senator Jeff Flake.

Comey, dismissed as director of the FBI by Trump months after coming to power, compared in his memoirs the leadership exercised in the White House by the president with the mafia organizations he fought in his years as a prosecutor.

The dismissal of Comey was very controversial because the now ex-director of the FBI was leading the investigation into the alleged interference by Russia in the White House elections that Trump won and the possible links between the tycoon's campaign and the Kremlin.


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