June 23, 2021

Come in and see the magic Price

The company La Fiesta Escénica offers us a circus show that will last until January 5

As every year, Christmas arrives at the Circus Price Theater with a magical production: a fantastic show inhabited by acrobats, musicians, a fortune teller, the forced man and many more fantasy creatures. The company La Fiesta Escénica offers us a show that will last until January 5.

This year, they have merged modernity and circus tradition to give rise to a production that has 57 artists on stage, in addition to an orchestra of 6 musicians. A large train station with Victorian features is the stage where the function takes place. The imposing train will be the core of acrobatic and circus numbers. A large clock, a portal and a dome complete the stage where Don Búho, the protagonist of the play, will teach us the true meaning of Christmas.

The costumes, inspired by the Victorian era, have been meticulously taken care of to generate a visual impact on the viewer. More than 500 pieces have been made combining 3D technology and tissue priming together with a characterization and use of color that tells us a lot about who he is and how each character is.

A train in which an unusual troupe of fantastic creatures travels arrives at Don Owl station. They want to accompany you on Christmas Eve, but the lack of a tree will prevent them from celebrating the most anticipated night of the year. The protagonist, along with his assistants, will teach the circus company to understand what is really important about these dates.

The Scenic Party has been combining all possible artistic disciplines for 10 years, dance, theater, song, body expression, sport and plastic arts in creativity-filled shows that pay tribute to the origins of the circus. They are known for not using real animals, instead they make replicas known as animatronic animals.

Since 2006, the "Circus Price at Christmas" surprises us with exclusive productions every year. More than 80,000 spectators visit it every year, which has made it an unavoidable event in the capital. The work can be enjoyed until January 5.


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