Combining classroom and virtual teaching is the current and the future

The Minister of Universities, Manuel Castells, said this Wednesday that "online" education, which has had to resort to due to the health crisis, "serves us as an extraordinary experience" because the combination of face-to-face and virtual is "the modern world, the current and the future. "

He has pointed this out when answering the PP deputy María Jesús Moro, in the plenary session of the Congress, who has asked him what his department had contributed to the solution of university problems during the state of alarm.

Moro has accused the minister that at the moment he has wanted to eliminate the culture of effort by extolling copying in the exams as "an intelligent attitude", denying the digital divide, benefiting the UOC (private) against the UNED (public) as distance universities.

He has also shown his complaints about "having missed an opportunity" with university students who have offered solutions and solidarity in the face of the pandemic and have not been taken into account.

"Students have been at the center of my life all the time and now more than ever they have been the priority of the Ministry's policy," Castells replied.

He recalled that his goal in recent months has been that no student misses the course due to the coronavirus and that an "extraordinary" effort has been made to be able to finish the course "on time and with academic rigor".

This experience will serve "for the future because on many occasions we may also have to resort to this face-to-face and virtual combination."


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