Comandante Lara, the man who makes football laugh

Luis Lara poses with Xavi, at his birthday party in Doha in 2019.

Luis Lara Ramos (Sherry, 1976) is many things at once. For some it is’Luis de Pacote ‘, cantaor member of the flamenco family of los Pacotes, very recognized in Jerez. For others it is Luis Lara, a journalist who has always dropped by the Volapie and The modern. However, for the vast majority Luis is the ‘Commander Lara ‘, one of the most successful comedians in the last decade in our country. Named in honor of the character he played on the show ‘The Ball ‘ from Canal Sur Radio, who directed Jose Guerrero ‘El Yuyu’, another benchmark of humor. Lara, who parodied Samuel Etoo On the show, he went viral in 2008 with the historic ‘Bulerías Africanas de Etoo’. Today the Commander is a “theater buster”That fills all kinds of venues with his celebrated humor.

With Xavi in ​​Doha

But in recent times, Lara has become the man who makes football laugh. It all started with a call at the end of 2019. “He called me Abilio, my representative, and he said: ‘Luis, we are going to Doha”. Where to? I asked him. ‘TO Taste!’. I swear I thought he was messing around ”. According to Lara, “Xavi’s friends commented in the chat what they could do to surprise him on his birthday and someone named Commander Lara. In the end his wife quietly called Abilio and pallá we went. Go figure, Xavi! A monster, a world champion, with what I like football! I was hallucinating ”. Luis arrived in Doha and at the time of the video-messages he took the microphone and ended up giving the surprise live to the new Barcelona coach. “I was freaking out! ‘But what are you doing here? How exciting!’ he told me. It seemed that he had seen the very Cruyff. LOL!”. The comedian affirms that “they treated us like sheikhs. We didn’t stop laughing the two days we were there, and both Xavi and his friends were great to us ”.

It was not the only reference of the barcelonismo that wanted to see him in direct. “On one occasion a friend, who is a soccer player agent, invited us to visit Guardiola in Manchester. Imagine, quillo! Pep! But the dates did not add up and I was left with the desire ”. The one who has shared microphones and laughs several times with him is the Betic, Joaquin, who qualifies as “a bicharraco”, a word very his. “I also had the opportunity to get a laugh from Cazorla and Pepe Reina He sent me a message from Naples inviting me to take a walk there. And I have the thorn in Sergio Ramos, with whom we have spoken several times, but the calendars do not let us. Let’s see if he invites me to Paris! ”.

For Lara, “humor is the best therapy for everything and, of course, for football. The target itches me, I can’t deny it. But I think that the rivalry and the joke is the best thing in the sport. When a match is over, you don’t have to take it too seriously. If your team loses, to endure the downpour and to breastfeed with art and Angel”.

But “the climax was the visit to the Selection on Seville during the Eurocup, before the game of Slovakia. They invited me and I went with my two companions, Vicente Ruidos and Jesus Tapia. Luis Enrique He came later and sat down at the end. I was more nervous than Don Quixote in a wind farm. But we started to tell jokes and waver to Adama Traoré, which is stronger than deodorant Stallone, and they were loosening. Eric García, Busquets, Jordi Alba, Dani Olmo … They split and Luis Enrique he was very affectionate with us ”.

The cucurella coat

Shortly after, before the Olympic team left for the Tokyo Games, Luis de la Fuente, took advantage of the fact that the team was focused on Valencia, where Comandante Lara acted, to phone him. “My phone rang and I was the coach. That day we returned to the Jereles. But of course pishitaHow can we not go see them! In the end we end up laughing at the hairbrush from Cucurella, with Mingueza, with Dani Ceballos, and with Bryan Gil, neighbour of Barbate. Now I have messages from everyone in social networks. Who was going to tell me when he narrated the matches of the Xerez Football Club on the radio for Xerezmanía? “.

The Commander affirms that “it is a privilege that the National Team or stars like Xavi invite me because they are people I have admired since I was little. I have always been a soccer fan, as I am flamenco. And for me, being with them and making them have a good time is priceless ”. Lara confesses that the next soccer stage in which she hopes to act is “the dressing room of the Camp Nou. The last thing Xavi told me in Doha was that when he was coach of the Barcelona he would call me to go to the Camp Nou and have a laugh in the Barça dressing room. Almost na Buddy!”. And so Luis says goodbye, the football part of Commander Lara.


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