Colombia's digital creative industries go through a "golden moment"

The digital creative industries go through a "golden moment" in Colombia on account of the intention of the national Government to achieve that in 2022 the orange economy grows more than 6%, which represents almost double the participation in the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country that today stands at 3.4%.

This was stated in an interview with Efe the Minister of Information Technology and Communications, Sylvia Constaín, for whom it is evident "the idea of ​​the Government to commit to the development and growth of the sector."

The 6% that is intended to be achieved represents more than three times what coffee currently contributes to the Colombian economy and almost 1.5 times what mining contributes.

If this increase is reached, more than 600,000 or 700,000 people could be employed directly and indirectly.

For this rebound, the talent that is evident in spaces such as Colombia 4.0 is a key piece, a meeting specialized in the orange economy from digital, created by the ICT Ministry in 2011 and that this week brought together national and international experts who were heard in Bogotá for at least 50,000 attendees.

In this regard, Constaín explained that the event was attended by "young people who develop and export video games, who make audiovisual content, animation or design, which shows that the creative industries are the basis of a sector that generates employment and innovation opportunities in the country".

To improve performance vis-à-vis other nations in Latin America, "Colombia makes great efforts in terms of collectivity to boost development through joint work between the Ministries of Education, Culture, Commerce and ICT," he added.

At the forefront of this work is Bogotá, a city where the orange economy represents 4 billion pesos (about 1,153 million dollars).

In the last year, the cultural segments that grew the most in the Colombian capital were music (26.7%) and performing arts (22.6%).

Also, between 2008 and 2018 the reception of direct foreign investment or reinvestment for projects in creative and cultural industries in the city was 499 million dollars, according to information from the Invest in Bogota agency.

This is because Bogotá concentrates most of the companies in the value chain of the sector, with 74%, followed by regions such as Antioquia-Medellín 10% and Valle-Cali with 6%.

In that sense, the minister commented that "Bogotá, due to its size and level of development, has a core of talent and industries a little more consolidated than in other parts of the country but that does not mean that the rest has no talent."

An example of this are the editions of Colombia 4.0 that the Government has carried out in different regions to broaden the spectrum of participation.

Thus, the spokeswoman said, the Ministry held the event in the city of Yopal, capital of the department of Casanare, in eastern Colombia and where livestock and llanero folklore are traditional but not technological.

Despite this and to the surprise of the organizers, there were "more than 3,000 people talking about digital creative industries," said Constain, for whom this exercise "made it clear that a country grows from the regions and through connectivity."

Therefore, in the coming years there will be a "period during which we will be able to see the potential that is being developed, where our entrepreneurs are not only going to create companies in Colombia but look outside to be able to look for clients abroad "said the official.

Also, "there is a new impulse of connectivity to reach regions where there is no internet today because being connected to people opens up a world of possibilities and that is what Colombia and its digital creative industries are looking for," said the ICT minister.

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