July 27, 2021

Colombians break the quarantine in Bogotá to order food or to work

Despite the fact that the coronavirus quarantine is in force, dozens of Colombians demonstrated this Wednesday in the north of Bogotá to make a specific request to the authorities: to donate food or allow them to work.

Among the protesters who blocked Suba Avenue, one of the main ones in Bogotá and located in a neighborhood of the same name, were informal construction workers and street vendors, to whom the quarantine, which began on March 25 and will continue until April 27, it has hurt them.

“We have the road blocked because we want to be heard by the government, which has abandoned us … .

According to the Bogota City Hall, 262,561 families in the city have benefited from monetary donations since the quarantine began.

He also stated that 15,425 vulnerable families will benefit from 2,468 million pesos (about $ 630,000), that 8,793 received markets and about 1,000 donated cleaning kits.


The workers, who blocked traffic on that avenue for several hours, asked the government for a solution, as there are cases like that of another man who preferred not to give his name and has been unable to work for two months.

“I have five children and what children, are they going to starve? I have no government solution, so let me work,” says the worker, who works in construction, and also points out that whoever leases him will He ordered his house vacated because he owes two months rent.

In this sense, he stated: “The Government painted us little birds of gold with the aid and in the end none of us have seen help. So if they are not going to help us, let us open at least our fields to be able to work.


In the Ciudad Bolívar neighborhood in southern Bogotá, dozens of people also took to the streets who, like the Suba workers, say they have not yet received the aid promised by the authorities.

In this regard, the president of the Bogota Council, Carlos Fernando Galán, said on Twitter: “Councilors from various benches express great concern because many sectors of the city that need help have not received it. How many grants have been delivered? To which populations ? There should be a daily report and a consolidated report of those grants. ”

The government secretary, Luis Ernesto Gómez, indicated that “daily the entities of the district carry out money transfers or deliver food markets and vouchers.”

“We know that every day there are more needs and that is why we work non-stop,” added the Bogotá government secretary, where there are 1,242 confirmed cases of COVID-19, a disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.


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