Colombian writer Roberto Burgos Cantor dies, National Novel Prize

Colombian writer Roberto Burgos Cantor dies, National Novel Prize

The Colombian writer Roberto Burgos Cantor, winner this year of the National Novel Prize and author of fourteen works, died today at age 70, confirmed to Efe sources close to the novelist.

Apparently the author suffered a heart attack in Bogotá, the city where he lived, according to his relatives.

Burgos Cantor, born in Cartagena de Indias in 1948, was awarded the Jorge Gaitán and Narrative José María Arguedas prizes, as well as being a finalist of Rómulo Gallegos for the novel "La ceiba de la memoria".

The National Novel Award was won last July thanks to "See what I see", a work that takes place in a neighborhood on the Atlantic coast of Colombia in the twentieth century.

In it, he tells the story of a man who took refuge in gambling, tries to resurface from misery, waiting for the future to bring him better fortune in a marginalized world full of misery.

Burgos, who began his career writing stories for newspapers and magazines, presented in 1981 "Lo Amador", his first publication and starting point towards a prolific career.

In recent years he served as director of the Department of Literary Creation of the Central University (Bogotá) and had expressed feeling personally stimulated to be named winner so he hoped that the reader was not afraid to read what they call "difficult works" "

After knowing the death of Burgos, other pens of Colombian literature showed their sadness on social networks like the chronicler Alberto Salcedo Ramos, born in the also Caribbean city of Barranquilla.

"Peace in the grave of Roberto Burgos Singer, Sadness", wrote Salcedo Ramos.

Also the mayor of Cartagena, Pedrito Pereira, added his condolences when he wrote: "I regret the death of Cartagena writer Roberto Burgos Cantor (…) Great loss for Colombian literature, will always live in the reading of his work."


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