Colombian vice president talks with Aznar about academic exchanges

Colombian vice president talks with Aznar about academic exchanges

The Colombian Vice President, Marta Lucia Ramirez, met today with the former President of the Spanish Government José María Aznar to talk about academic exchanges with the Foundation for Analysis and Social Studies (FAES).

"The challenge we have is enormous and a great responsibility to the citizens, I want to tell you that the support of this group (FAES) is very valuable and together we can build new citizenships," Ramírez said, quoted in a statement from his office. .

Similarly, the vice president and Aznar, who was accompanied by FAES ex-grantees, who he chairs, talked about the Latin American economy and the fight against corruption in the region, which Ramírez considers a motivation for young people to get involved. in politics.

Aznar, who yesterday met with the Colombian president, Iván Duque, said for his part that he hopes that in the Andean country they will continue "the freedoms, the development of democracy, peace and security".

"A country that in hindsight has a great public policy, demonstrates that the future is today.While it is linked to the rule of law, institutions and industries that lead to a sustainable economy can be built and that is the objective of this group, to build a new citizenship working for the common good, "he said.

The former Spanish president wished Colombia a lot of success and said he is willing to help the country fight corruption, as well as to improve matters such as transparency, infrastructure and gender.


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