Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

Colombian teachers begin a 48-hour strike to demand more resources

Colombian teachers begin a 48-hour strike to demand more resources

Hundreds of thousands of Colombian teachers began a strike on Tuesday, which will last 48 hours, to ask for more resources for public education and in rejection of the Government's National Development Plan (PND).

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This was reported by the Colombian Federation of Education Workers (Fecode), which detailed in a statement today will be held "informational assemblies" in institutions across the country in which teachers will be informed about the content of the "sheet of requests "from the union to the Government.

The purpose of these meetings, added the information, is also "to analyze the crisis due to the de-financing of public education".

In the same way, they will hold demonstrations in several cities of the country on Wednesday, the main one in Bogota, where delegations of teachers from the rest of Colombia will arrive to walk from the National Park to the Plaza de Bolívar, in the center of the capital.

On February 6, the Colombian president, Iván Duque, established the PND 2018-2022 in the Congress, which will emphasize education, employment, environment, security, equity and entrepreneurship.

The president explained that in education the plan will achieve 60% coverage and added that something that fills him with "pride" is that he will have "more than 336,000 young people from the most vulnerable places and homes in the country. Colombia coming to college education for free. "

On the other hand, Fecode pointed out that among its demands are also the "timely compliance of health contracts for teachers and their families," as well as "full compliance with signed agreements."

"It requires greater political will on the part of the National Government to find solutions within the time regulated in the negotiation process, as the delay will aggravate the already critical problem of public education in the country," Fecode added.

In this regard, the Minister of Education, María Victoria Angulo, told Caracol Radio that the Government has had more than 35 meetings with teachers in the last seven months and has complied with agreements related to salary bonuses and teacher evaluation.

"They have all the right to expression and protest, but beyond that they have a duty, duty is the guarantee in the classes as much in the quality of them." The call is a huge effort that we all have to do , every day that children do not receive their classes, we know that we are affecting these rights that they have to a learning process, "he added.

This is the second strike carried out by Fecode, since on February 14, it made another because it considers that the provision of health and assistance services for teachers and their families is "very bad".

The Colombian government and students signed an agreement last December to end more than two months of protests that includes an investment of 4.5 billion pesos (about 1,448 million dollars today) in public universities during the next four years.

The student demonstrations began on October 11 to demand the government 3.2 trillion pesos (about 1.033 million dollars today) to ensure the operation of these entities.

In addition, young people ask for 15 billion pesos (about 4,842 million dollars) for investment in infrastructure and to settle "the historical debt" that the country has with the universities.


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