Colombian population dismisses murdered girl and asks for prompt justice

Residents of the Colombian municipality of Fundación (north) turned to the streets to accompany the burial of a 9-year-old girl who was raped, suffocated and incinerated by a truck driver who was arrested by the authorities and remains in jail under strict measures. security.

The streets of this town in the department of Magdalena became rivers of people who demanded justice while walking with the coffin to the cemetery after leaving the neighborhood of San José, where the little one lived.

The forensic authorities of Colombia confirmed yesterday that the girl was raped, suffocated and incinerated by Adolfo Arrieta García, whom the authorities saved from being lynched by the population.

The funeral procession was led by children from different schools who, dressed in white and holding balloons, accompanied the relatives of the murdered girl who had t-shirts with photos of the child and phrases like "we will not forget you" and "you will always be among us" .

The funeral was also attended by the vice president of Colombia, Marta Lucía Ramírez, who assured that "Colombia needs strong punishments to prevent children from being victims of atrocious crimes."

For his part, Colombian President Iván Duque told reporters at the end of a security council held in Florencia, capital of the department of Caquetá (south), which today sent "as a father" a letter to the parents of the girl in which expressed solidarity and condemned that crime.

In the letter, the president explained, he said that he repudiated "these criminal acts" and also said that it is "the duty of Colombians that this type of behavior can not remain unpunished."

He reiterated that in the country should open the debate on the need to punish crimes such as sexual abuse and murder of children with "life imprisonment".

The case of the murder of the girl, which generated in Colombia a debate about the legal viability of implementing life imprisonment for child rapists, occurred on September 29 in Fundación.

That case preceded another occurred in Buenaventura, in the Colombian Pacific, in which a minor of eleven months, according to the authorities, was sexually abused.

The minor, who was in the care of her maternal grandfather, entered with her parents to the Santa Sofia Pacific Clinic with respiratory failure but the doctors evidenced the sexual abuse and alerted the authorities, who began the investigation.

The two cases recalled the horror that shook Colombia on December 4, 2016 due to the brutal abuse and murder of the indigenous girl Yuliana Andrea Samboní, whose body was found in a luxurious apartment in Bogotá.

For this crime, Justice Rafael Uribe Noguera was sentenced to more than 58 years in prison.


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