September 30, 2020

Colombian Justice of the Peace cites former FARC members for kidnapping

Colombian Justice of the Peace cites former FARC members for kidnapping

The Special Justice of Peace (JEP) of Colombia called on Friday to declare 16 ex-guerrillas of the FARC of medium and low rank, among them the Dutch Tanja Nijmeijer, alias "Alexandra Nariño", as part of the process that carries out for kidnappings committed by that group.

The 16 were called as part of the first case opened by the JEP, the backbone of the peace agreement signed in November 2016 by the government of then President Juan Manuel Santos and the now demobilized FARC guerrilla.

This case investigates the kidnappings perpetrated by the FARC and with the call the JEP seeks to collect data "beyond the maximum responsible", according to a communiqué of the extraordinary jurisdiction.

The complete list of ex-guerrillas called to declare complete it Gustavo Arbeláez Cardona, Alexander Farfán Suárez, Arnovis Tovar, Bernardo Mosquera Machado, Ángelo Alberto Cáceres, Rafael Antonio Vargas Ovalle, José Elí García Cardozo, Hermes Francisco Osorio or Carlos Arturo Leones García and Luis Alejandro Stables

Also on the list are Jaime Tapiero, Manuel Enrique Mendoza Rodriguez, Marcos Alvis Patiño, Yesid Alexander Torres Rojas, Eli Mejia Mendoza and Jose David Lombana Medina.

In the case of Nijmeijer, he arrived in Colombia at the end of the 90s and a few years after he joined the FARC, which became one of the most recognized faces when the Army found its newspapers in a guerrilla camp.

During the peace process in Havana, Nijmeijer was part of the negotiating team of the FARC.

After signing the peace agreement, the Colombian government issued a decree to create a "special peace resident" visa for foreigners who were part of the FARC and were duly identified, including the Dutch.

The JEP decided to call the 16 ex-guerrillas because "it considers that they have important and relevant information for the investigation and analysis of the case, among other reasons, because they have been compromised in the reports presented by the victims or because they requested an appearance to make real contributions. within the case. "

The aforementioned persons allegedly participated in events such as kidnappings of the Valle del Cauca deputies on April 11, 2002; the three American indigenistas Terence Freitas, Ingrid Washinawatok and Laheenae Gay on February 25, 1999, as well as that of former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt and her vice-presidential candidate Clara Rojas in February 2002.

Eleven of the twelve deputies and the three American indigenistas were killed in captivity.

The JEP also considers that those cited to testify have information about the kidnappings of politician Luis Eladio Pérez, in 2001; former minister Fernando Araújo, in 2006; Consuelo González de Perdomo, in 2001 and Consuelo Araújo Noguera, also murdered in captivity in 2001.

The JEP has also called them because they consider that they have additional information about "extortive kidnappings" in the department of Cundinamarca (center) in which there were frequent so-called "miraculous catches", frequent and random kidnappings frequent on the exit roads of Bogotá

The 16 mentioned had different levels of command in the old guerrilla and acted in different areas of the country and joined the 31 members of the General Staff (command) of the former guerrilla of the FARC, of ​​which twelve have already gone to the JEP , added the information.

The testimony of those who have been called "has as its purpose the gathering of information to contribute to the search for truth," the JEP added.


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