Sun. Feb 24th, 2019

Colombian government launches plan to turn farmers into entrepreneurs

Colombian government launches plan to turn farmers into entrepreneurs

Colombian President Iván Duque today presented the "Coseche, banda a la fija" plan, which aims to convert some 300,000 farmers into rural entrepreneurs by ensuring the advance sale of their products before planting.

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The objective of the plan is to connect producers directly with agro-industry and trade to ensure not only sales, but also that there are quality raw materials and healthy food at affordable prices.

Duque presented the plan in Duitama, in the department of Boyacá (center), together with the Minister of Agriculture, Andrés Valencia.

"Here in Boyacá was where we built this dream, after hearing a testimony here came 'Agriculture by contract', a model in which small buyers and producers will agree to ensure the sustainability of the income of producers," said the Colombian president at the launch event.

The small farmers who join the plan must change their mentality, since they will have to become entrepreneurs in the field that comply with the sales agreements previously agreed with the industry.

In turn, industrialists must respect the conditions of purchase previously agreed with the producers, according to the information provided by the Ministry.

In this regard, Valencia said that the agricultural sector has been affected, for many years, by cycles of overproduction and supply shortages that "generate high volatility in the sale prices of producers."

With this in mind, the Ministry of Agriculture created "Coseche, banda a la fija" which is part of the "Agriculture by contract" program, with which it expects to benefit 300,000 producers in the next 4 years.

"With this policy we want to connect the producers with the market and go hand in hand with them from the Ministry of Agriculture," he added.

In addition, this initiative is supported by new financing instruments, risk management and the provision of public goods and services that ensure that small and medium producers can sell with quality and at a good price.

"The farmers still plow the land as they did 100 years ago, we need support from the national government to improve the techniques here in Boyacá," assured the governor of Boyacá, Carlos Amaya.

On the other hand, the High Councilor for the Post-Conflict, Emilio Archila, said, quoted in a statement from his office, that this strategy is a decisive step for the stabilization of the territories affected by the violence.

He added that "the economic inclusion, the commercialization of products, the promotion of the associativity and the encouragement to the farmer, mark a new way to advance in the agricultural development".

The launch of the plan also included conferences, the delivery of ten financial credits and certificates of good agricultural practices.

In addition, the first five contracts between small and medium producers with large companies were signed.


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