May 10, 2021

Colombian exports grew 15.8% in October

Colombian exports grew 15.8% in October

Colombian exports grew by 15.8% in October of this year compared to the same month of the previous year to reach sales of 3,786 million dollars, official sources reported today.

The National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE) detailed in a statement that in the tenth month of 2017 sales abroad totaled 3,269 million dollars.

The sectors that boosted exports were fuels and products of extractive industries, with 61.4%; followed by manufacturing (19.5%); agricultural, food and beverages (15.3%) and others (3.8%).

"In October 2018 the exports of fuels and products of the extractive industries were of 2,323 million dollars and presented a growth of 27% compared to October of 2017", added the information.

Manufacturing sales reached 737.7 million dollars and food and beverage sales reached 581.2 million dollars.

The United States was the country that received most Colombian products with a participation of 21.7%, followed by China (17%), Panama (5.5%), Turkey (5.1%), Ecuador (4.2%). %), Spain (4%) and Brazil (3.7%).

Similarly, between January and October this year exports increased by 14% compared to the same period of 2017 and reached 35.105 million dollars.


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