Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

Colombian entrepreneurs offer medical assistance without leaving home

Colombian entrepreneurs offer medical assistance without citizens having to leave home so that they can comply with the government-ordered quarantine of the coronavirus and so as not to overload the country’s health system, the Invest in Bogotá promotion agency reported Thursday.

The Entrepreneurship Table of the capital – made up of Invest in Bogota, the Secretariat of Economic Development, Andi del Futuro, Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, Bictia, Connect Bogotá, Endeavor and Wayra – identified the city’s ventures that “are contributing to the health and well-being of all citizens during this time. ”

One of them is 1Doc3, a virtual medical platform that provides its services to more than a million people in Latin America monthly and allows its users to speak to an online doctor to find out what level of care they require.

“The idea is to continue supporting people who are at respiratory risk to validate whether it is a possible case of COVID-19 or not (…) The idea is to prevent them from attending in person (to a medical service) at all costs, to unless it is strictly necessary, “said 1Doc3 co-founder Javier Cardona.

In Colombia, there are 470 confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which four died and eight recovered.


Also appearing in this crisis is Consulti, another platform for medical advice “defined as the first virtual medical office in Colombia” and takes user queries to health professionals.

Juan Camilo Benavides, spokesperson for the venture, said that those who sign up for the platform, review the list of available doctors, contact them and schedule their appointment, as well as offer advice through WhatsApp with people who guide them on which person Medicine specialist should consult.

“Technology allows us to easily connect with information and with health care channels that can help us avoid exposing ourselves to the virus and avoid saturating the health system of our country,” he said.

For its part, the Medilabb tool will continue to help citizens with authorization procedures for medical appointments, surgeries and medications; claim of formulated medications and medical results, and transfers and accompaniment to medical appointments and procedures.

“To carry out each of our services, our staff has face masks and gloves when interacting with medications. At Medilabb we are at the service of the community (…) we take care of carrying out your medical procedures,” he said. the executive director of the company, Nicolás Torres.

On the other hand, the company CareCloud, which has a presence in five Latin American countries and works in “telemedicine”, offers a test to find out what risk they have of getting this virus.

“Through a series of questions, we rated or classified a certain person according to their answers at a particular level of risk,” explained the company’s commercial manager, Camilo Naranjo.


The Pediahome platform, the first in the country focused on pediatric home medicine in Colombia, offers physicians specialized in children for home consultations, seeking to avoid unnecessary transfers that promote the spread of diseases such as COVID-19.

“We make video assistances so that in this coronavirus crisis patients can be cared for in their own home or directed to the emergency department if they require it,” explains the medical director and founder of Pediahome, Iván Pérez.


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