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Colombian entrepreneur is committed to healthy food and biodegradable packaging

Colombian entrepreneur is committed to healthy food and biodegradable packaging

"Healthy for the body, friendly to the environment" is the philosophy of a Colombian food engineer who proposes a diet with nutritious products packed in compostable and biodegradable containers.

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The inspiration for this initiative comes from the concept of "conscious consumption" that Bibiana Calle took to another level when she developed "Good Bites", a company of healthy and portable snacks that also offer protein oats, smoothies and yogurt. Greek, opted for the eco-friendly trend.

"We want consumption to be conscious in all senses," he told Efe Calle to illustrate that caring for the body and good food does not quarrel with the purpose of protecting the planet.

Products such as personal oats, which fit into the balanced diets of ordinary people or athletes, by including ingredients such as fruits, chia seeds and protein, are packaged in "compostable tubs" made of corn starch that become 45 days compost or organic fertilizer after completing a process.

"Now there is a great offer of healthy products, and that also demands a high consumption of packaging because people want everything to be practical, nutritious and easy to carry," he said.

A year ago, the transition to this type of environmentally friendly packaging and packaging began, and then labels made with recycled material and bags with a percentage of biodegradable paper were also used.

"The idea is to be coherent with what we want to reflect, to help nature with materials that do not contaminate," he explained.

Before giving a nod to the planet, "Good Bites" was born six years ago in Medellin with the purpose of taking care of the body, as "the temple of the soul", through a food with conscience that generates well-being.

The process began in the apartment of Bibiana Calle, who after training at the gym did not have the disposition to perform a complex preparation that met the nutritional needs to recover after intense physical activity.

"I did not like cooking very much and I was too lazy to do something complicated," said the entrepreneur, whose poor diet made her body vulnerable to the point that a lung infection put her at risk for nine months.

"I did not eat well, I was killing myself," she said as a reflection, the same one that led her to devise fruit shakes with protein (powdered supplement) that would later become a successful endeavor.

He started by buying fruits to wash them, cut them and keep them in the freezer of his house to make 'smoothies' that, in addition to refreshing, met nutritional requirements, which made them attractive and began to be requested by his friends.

The professional in food explained that the shake that developed represents a consumption of 25% of protein, which generates satisfaction and provides nutrients, attractive characteristics for athletes or people who are in a regime to lose weight.

For a "personal need", Calle created the 'smoothies', the first product he distributed, but then Greek yogurt arrived with the idea of ​​entering the supermarkets, at a time when that milk drink was "the boom" for its nutritional value and low levels of fat.

This product, which preceded the manufacture of oats, opened the door to healthy markets, artisan bakeries, fairs such as Expofitness and gourmet restaurants that use their yogurt for healthy vinaigrettes.

This Colombian company, which has the advice of the Interacting Corporation and operates under the model of maquilas, with small entrepreneurs who are responsible for developing each of the healthy lines designed by Calle, distributes its products in cities such as Bucaramanga, Bogotá, Barranquilla , Arauca and Cali, besides starting to test the response of consumers from Aruba and the United States.

Now, he works on the development of three types of granolas and chocolates with collagen, protein and vegans, which also has the concept of balance with "an image that represents the healthy and also the environmentally friendly", the purpose of the "good bites" with which Calle hopes to continue sending a message of coherence.

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