August 12, 2020

Colombian army denies that 18 children are killed in bombing

A community in the Colombian department of Caquetá (south) denounced that the children killed in the military bombing of two months ago against FARC dissidents were between 16 and 18, and not eight as revealed last week, which was denied Tuesday by the authorities.

Idaly Saldaña, a resident of the village of Aguas Claras II, the town closest to the point where the bombs fell, explained to Noticias Uno that according to what the families in the area say are "18 children" who died in the bombing.

"That is the figure that does not reveal the State and those who have to do with this," the woman told Noticias Uno, without giving more details of the origin of that information.

In this regard, the General Command of the Military Forces explained today in a statement that "the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences is the only institution that can issue legal scientific opinions that allow establishing possible causes of death and full identities of the deceased and their biological ages. "

The death of the eight minors in the bombing last August came to light last week in a debate of motion of censure to then Defense Minister Guillermo Botero, who resigned from criticism unleashed to hide the information.

In that operation, according to Legal Medicine, Angela Gaitán, 12, died; José Rojas, 15; Sandra Vargas and Diana Medina, both of 16; Jhon Pinzón, Wílmer Castro and Abimiler Morales, 17, and an eighth minor whose identification has not been specified by the Prosecutor's Office.

On the other hand, José Fernando Saldaña, another inhabitant of Aguas Claras II, belonging to the municipality of San Vicente del Caguán, also assured the news that the soldiers "carried dogs that chased children and killed them in front of paddocks."

In response to this, the Military Forces said that after the bombing "there were no persecutions, combats or actions that led to the death of alleged members of the organized residual armed group."

The institution reiterated that they made available to the competent authorities "the personnel, information, documents and material related to the operation" for the investigation.

"We have full confidence in the investigations carried out by the Office of the Prosecutor and the Office of the Prosecutor, and we hope that the results will be disclosed in a timely manner to the public opinion, in order to prevent them from continuing to speculate regarding the actions of the members of the public force in the operation, "added the information.

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