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Colombia remembers Jaime Garzón on the 20th anniversary of his murder

Colombians remember this Tuesday humorist and journalist Jaime Garzón on the 20th anniversary of his murder, which was perpetrated by hitmen linked to paramilitaries on a street in Bogotá on August 13, 1999 and whose case "needs more progress" in Justice, According to experts.

Garzón, a lawyer by profession and combining humor with acute political criticism and irreverence in his television programs, was murdered by hit men sent by the then head of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC), Carlos Castaño, already deceased.

In this case, the former Deputy Director of the former Administrative Department of Security (DAS) of Colombia José Miguel Narváez and Castaño himself, who had the complicity of State agents, especially the DAS, were sentenced to 30 years in prison in August 2018.

However, Narváez's conviction was appealed by Garzón's family lawyer since that crime was not declared against humanity, although two years before the Prosecutor's Office had already done so.

The case was also linked in 2012 to retired colonel Jorge Eliécer Plazas Acevedo, whose process was suspended since May last year while deciding a conflict of jurisdiction between the ordinary justice and the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP), where he was referred the process to see if that court assumes the case.

However, the Press Freedom Foundation (FLIP) said Tuesday that "the entire criminal chain has not yet been investigated and prosecuted."

The organization also regretted that the case has not been declared a crime against humanity because it considers that this "ignores national and international standards for the investigation and prosecution of serious human rights violations."

"As of the date of the events, there were regulations applicable in Colombia that recognize the existence and characterize crimes against humanity. This has been recognized in various pronouncements of the Criminal Cassation Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice. The decision adopted by the Court would lead to the prescription of the murder of Jaime Garzón, "added the FLIP.

As part of the commemoration of the twentieth anniversary of the crime, FLIP presented the project "#RevivamosElHumor", which will finance 10 projects of people who are interested in journalistic humor.

Garzón's memory was also present in social networks, where 3 of the 10 main trends in Colombia were related to him.

There, the National Center for Historical Memory (CNMH) reminded Garzón and noted that between 1977 and 2015 152 journalists were killed for doing their job, most of them in regional radio stations and newspapers.

The Colombian group of rock Aterciopelados was also pronounced, who posted on his Twitter the phrase "If you young people do not assume the direction of your own country, nobody will come to save you", one of the journalist's most recognized.

Garzón had great popularity and directed the television programs "Zoociedad" and "Cuac", in which he imitated leaders, ministers and diplomats, in addition to creating his own characters as the corrupt leguleyo "Godofredo Cínico Caspa", a revolting university student from the left and many more that were remembered on social networks.

"In our long and painful history of violence there are blows that because of their devastating sign they have lacerated our souls. Jaime Garzón is always carried in our memories and in our hearts," said Senator Iván Cepeda, of the leftist Alternative Democratic Pole (PDA).

As part of the commemoration of the twentieth anniversary of his murder, the event "# 20AñosEsperandoJusticia" will be held at the National University.

Marisol Garzón, the journalist's sister, will participate in it; the writer Fernando González; the actor Julio Hernán Correal, who will make a staging to honor him, and the artist César Mora, author of the song "Canela", the humorist's favorite.

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