July 14, 2020

Colombia reaches 14,934 COVID-19 infections with a daily record of 723 cases

Health authorities reported this Saturday 723 new cases of coronavirus in Colombia, a daily record of infections that brings the country closer to 15,000 patients, and 16 deaths, with which there are already 562 fatal victims of the pandemic, the Ministry of Health reported.

With today’s data – according to which 127 patients recovered for a total of 3,587 people who overcame the disease – Colombia reached 14,934 cases of COVID-19.

As for the newly infected, 277 are in Bogotá, followed by the departments of Bolívar (127), Valle del Cauca (71), Atlántico (67), Nariño (64), Magdalena (25), Boyacá (17), La Guajira (10), Caldas (10), and Antioquia (9) and Córdoba (9).

The rest were reported in Cundinamarca (8), Santander (7), Tolima, Norte de Santander and Meta (5), César (3), and Caquetá, Amazonas, Quindío and Huila (1).

On the day, 6,982 tests were processed, bringing the cumulative figure for Colombia to 190,112.

About the deaths, five occurred in Bogotá; three in Cartagena de Indias, capital of Bolívar; three in Valle del Cauca, two of them in Cali and one in Pradera, and two in Tumaco, a municipality located in Nariño and close to the border with Ecuador.

The rest happened in Leticia (Amazonas), Tierralta (Córdoba) and Barranquilla (Atlántico), where a 100-year-old woman died with chronic heart failure and kidney disease.

Bogotá has the main focus of COVID-19 in Colombia with 5,283 cases, while Valle del Cauca (1,669), Atlántico (1,560), Bolívar (1,273), Meta (945), Amazonas (1,004), Antioquia ( 518), Nariño (489), Magdalena (405), Cundinamarca (346) and Risaralda (236).

Colombia is in mandatory quarantine against the coronavirus, which began on March 25 and has been prolonged by the Government on three occasions, the last one until May 25.


The precarious health conditions of the Amazon are reflected in the San Rafael de Leticia Hospital, which today requested the transfer to other medical centers of eight patients who are in the critical care area because they are experiencing a contingency “in the capacity of the current oxygen, over 30 years of use. “

The hospital, intervened by the National Government for corruption, said in a statement that “this urgent request was made from Friday night to the EPS (health promoting entities) to which patients are affiliated to ensure care and user safety. “

“It is important to note that the order to transfer patients who enter the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) will be permanent until a substantive solution is achieved,” added the hospital.

In this sense, he pointed out that they expect that the spare parts will arrive next week to maintain the oxygen plant, “which will have the machine running for about two months, with the capacity to load 40 lower quality oxygen bullets and on a daily basis. “

Regarding the people who need to be mobilized, the Defense Minister, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, said this Saturday that the Colombian Air Force (FAC) configures “a C-295 aircraft as a hospital plane for the massive transfer of patients from Leticia to Bogotá that require attention in an intensive care unit due to the emergency. “

Of the 1,004 people infected in the Amazon, at least 36 died.


The Juan N. Corpas clinic, in the northwest of Bogotá, reported this Saturday that 25 members of its team tested positive for COVID-19 and are “in stable health conditions and hospitalized at home.”

In this sense, the medical institution decided to voluntarily close its intensive care unit for adults, in addition to executing the “cohortization of patients and staff”.

“Likewise, our team of epidemiologists is conducting epidemiological fence studies and thus establish the necessary roadmap, in order to control and reduce the risks of virus spread in our institution,” added the information.

According to figures released this Saturday by the Government, there are 760 members of the Colombian health staff infected with COVID-19, of whom five doctors, two nursing assistants, two drivers and an administrative officer died.

As for the cases in this sector, 285 are in Bogotá, 102 in Risaralda, 84 in Antioquia, 71 in Magdalena and 66 in Valle del Cauca.


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