September 23, 2020

Colombia prolongs quarantine and will open international flights in September

The Colombian government announced this Thursday the extension for one month of the coronavirus quarantine that ended on May 31 and the resumption of international flights from September 1.

By means of a signed today, the Colombian President, Iván Duque, prolonged the entire preventive isolation throughout the country throughout June, which will end at zero hours on July 1.

That measure took effect on March 25, initially for two weeks, but has been renewed by the president several times in order to contain the coronavirus, which until today leaves 25,366 infected and 822 dead in the country.

For the isolation to be effective, the norm “totally limits the free movement of people and vehicles in the national territory”, with 43 exceptions that seek to guarantee the right to life, health and survival of Colombians, according to the Government .

In this context, according to the decree, the group of 43 exceptions includes assistance and provision of health services, acquisition and payment of essential goods.

Also displacement is exempt for banking services and notary services, assistance and care for children, adolescents, people over 70 years of age, people with disabilities and patients with special treatments that require assistance from trained personnel, among others.

The Government also authorized the opening of hairdressing services, public parking lots for vehicles, museums and libraries, among others.


As for air operations, suspended since March 23, the Minister of Transportation, Angela Orozco, said that they will be resumed from September 1, a day after the end of the economic emergency decreed by Duque in March to face the pandemic.

“As of September 1, international passenger transport would be reactivated and to the extent that in June there are new productive activities except with due protocols, the sale of international tickets is allowed from September 1,” said the minister.

With the decision, the airlines will be able to offer tickets through their sales channels and travel agencies, and it is expected that the Government will make known the protocols that must be implemented at airports and inside aircraft to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

Speaking on the daily presidential television program “Prevention and Action”, Orozco recalled that in “air transport the restriction on the entry of international travelers remains until August 31, which is the date until which the health emergency was extended ”

Regarding internal flights, the Minister of Transportation assured that no decision has yet been made but noted that at the moment there are drafts of biosafety protocols that are being discussed with mayors and governors “to coordinate with them the reactivation decisions.”

“We are going to continue building, together with the local authorities, the draft protocols that have been socialized and that will be issued by the Ministry of Health (…) as well as the decisions to reactivate that sector,” he explained.


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