July 16, 2020

Colombia passes 300 cases of COVID-19, with three deaths and six recovered

Colombia reached 306 cases of coronavirus on Monday when the Ministry of Health confirmed 29 new infected, as well as six recovered, while the number of deceased remained at three.

Most of the new cases were confirmed in the department of Antioquia, with 12 patients, five of them in Medellín, the capital.

There are also six new patients in Valle del Cauca, four in Meta, two in Cundinamarca, and the remaining five in Caldas, Huila, Quindío, Magdalena and Risaralda.

Of the 29 cases reported tonight by the Ministry of Health, three required hospitalization and the remaining 26 are treated at home.

The vast majority of infections are from travelers who were recently abroad, mainly in Europe, and only five occurred in relation to people who are already ill, while one is under study to determine its origin.

To confront the pandemic, the Colombian authorities suspended international flights, closed the borders and paralyzed practically all activities in the country, with the exception of those considered essential.

In addition, the country will enter a mandatory 19-day quarantine next Wednesday that will end on April 13, by order of President Iván Duque.

Bogotá leads the COVID-19 statistics in Colombia with a total of 114 cases, followed by the departments of Antioquia, with 52; Valle del Cauca (37), Bolívar (16), Risaralda (14), Cundinamarca (13) and Huila (11).

As for the deceased, they are a 58-year-old taxi driver in Cartagena, a 70-year-old woman in Cali and an 88-year-old man in the Caribbean Santa Marta.


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